Reaching Out, One Stitch At a Time


>Welcome to my new home!  For those that are my “followers” (or friends, as I call them), my new blog address is  For those that just bookmark their sites, I also have a website address (yes, my very first. I’m SO excited). You can look me up at  Either one will get you here.  Please don’t mind the mess over the next few weeks, as I rearrange and make this look more like my new home.  I’m super excited and have a few new free patterns I’ll be posting in the next week.

For those that don’t know why I moved here –
I did an internet search on “creative crochet” and well, I couldn’t believe how many there were.  I wanted to be original, be different.  So, after many years of being “Creative Crochet”, I have officially changed.  

This will be my new home.  I have moved all my old posts, free patterns, stitch of the week, etc. here, so you won’t miss anything.  I will continue to post on both for a while because I’m hoping most of you will join me.

Maybe there will even be a giveaway :)


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