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>There are plenty of crocheters (and knitters) who donate to worthy causes every year.  But, because of my background, my friend Ruth’s story touched my heart.  I wanted to share it with you.

I recently ‘met’ Ruth through Facebook.  I had graduated high school with her daughter, and when she saw my crocheted items she introduced us (so to speak).  I immediately felt a connection to Ruth, but just assumed it was the “crochet” thing.  Until she told me her story.

Ruth crochets baby blankets for the Alrington/Mansfield Pregnancy Center.  Here’s a little info in her own words:

“I make baby blankets for Arlington/Mansfield Pregnancy Centers,and they give them to the women they counsel through the center. Since their start in 1984 they have seen approx. 45,504 women, most of them in an unplanned pregnancy.They give pregnancy test, ultra sounds, confidential counseling and a gift bag full of baby items…and one of my blankets. I try to give them 10-12 blankets every 2-3 weeks.”

Ruth makes 10-12 baby blankets every 2-3 weeks!!!  Not only did I find this truly amazing, but it all of a sudden dawned on me the connection I felt to Ruth.  I don’t share my story with many, but what Ruth does is amazing, so it’s worth it.  You see, when I was 20 I became pregnant with my son.  It may not seem like a big deal in todays day and age, but it was 20 years ago.  I had been walking down a bad path since my fathers death 3 years earlier.  And now I was in an abusive relationship and pregnant.  I had never considered abortion.  I didn’t believe in it.  But because of the path I had chosen for those few years I didn’t really have family support either.  

When I read what Ruth does for these girls/women I almost cried.  If someone had offered to help or support me it would have lifted such a burden off of me. 

Back to Ruth’s story…..
She opened up a facebook page “Crocheted Posies” and sells crocheted hats.  She then takes the money from the proceeds of her hats and buys more yarn to make more baby blankets! She’s totally dedicated to this.  I know I have been touched by her story and I thought maybe someone else would want to help support her too.

You can either purchase one of her hats.
Or, if you wanted, you could donate some yarn to her cause.
Click the link below to go to her facebook page.



5 thoughts on “>Crocheting For A Cause”

  • >This is a really touching story. One of my favorite things about the crochet community is that so many people donate their work for a cause and they often choose to support causes that are specifically important to them. It's great. Everyone can use something handmade!

  • >If I ever get a chance to make something for charity, I will be surprised. Seems that where I live there's always someone having a baby or going to a baby shower or needing a gift – I keep busy supplying my neighborhood and I guess that's charity too ;-)Wonderful post! Love to see how crochet can better people's lives.

  • >This story also grabbed me. I was in the same situation 20 years ago as a 19 year old. With no money and a situation reminiscint of yours mentioned, a blanket would of meant the world to me. This could give the young girls of today or those in tight money situations a much needed helping hand, realising that they're really not alone. Reading this today has given me the inspiration to help others in the same situations I once saw my self in.

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