Half Double Crochet – HDC

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The half double crochet is a great stitch if you’re looking to add some height to a normal sc (single crochet).  Here are 6 simple steps to the hdc:

  1. yo
  2. insert hook in stitch indicated
  3. yo
  4. pull through a loop
  5. yo
  6. draw through all 3 loops on hook

Happy Crocheting!


  1. >I love this stitch. Have been using it in tons of stuff lately! A single row of it makes a great necklace band. :)

  2. >Just finished and posted a baby afghan that was made up of hdc stitches….with a row of triples every 5th row to give the ripple effect.

  3. >This is probbly my favorite stitch! So easy and looks great

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