Ball Stitch

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Ball stitch, also the same as 4hdctog (or hdc4tog), is very similar to a puff stitch.  The main difference is that instead of just puffing up above the rest of the stitches, the ball stitch is just that, more of a ball.  It uses more yarn than normal, but leaves great textured to whatever you’re making.

Here’s how its done.

1) yo, insert hook into your next stitch, yo, pull up a loop, (3 loops on hook)

2)  yo, insert hook into same stitch, yo, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook)

3)  yo, insert hook into same stitch, yo, pull up a loop (7 loops on hook)

4)  yo, insert hook into same stitch, yo, pull up a loop (9 loops on hook)

5) yo, draw through all 9 loops on hook.

Ball Stitch finished.  You may have to push each “ball” through to make sure they all end up on the same side, but this can easily be done as soon as you’re done the stitch.

If you’d like a project to practice this stitch with, you can find my Ball Stitch Dishcloth here. 

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us. That is a beautiful stitch. I wish I knew more of how to do patterns. That stitch would be so pretty in a long crochet vest for our momma, she is 90 soon to be 91 years young. I can follow a pattern very slowly. My nich is in the world of Equestrians, but I do love to try to do craft for others.

  2. I love this ball stitch, not sure I have seen it before. I do know how to crochet, self taught, but do not really understand the pattern directions. This tutorial helps tremendously as how to do this one. Thanks

  3. How is this different from a puff stitch?

    Or is it another case of a familiar stitch with an unfamiliar name as pops up in crochet all the time?

    • It is very similar to the puff stitch with only slight differences.

      The puff stitch is normally made with dc’s. The ball stitch is hdc’s.
      The puff stitch is normally a softer to-the-touch stitch, with dc’s in between the stitches (when used). The ball stitch has sc’s between the stitches, which bunches up the ‘ball’ part of the stitch and makes it hard.

      Hope I explained it ok.

  4. Okay, now I get why Sugar and Cream would be a good yarn for this – it doesn’t split up like others do. I can’t Stand the Sugar and Cream, though – it doesn’t play nice with the humidity in my area. 8( Anyone have ideas on how to make it easier to use (other than sitting in a dry sauna to do it? =p)

    • I wish I had a good answer for you. I’m not a huge fan of it for that reason. Maybe somebody else has a suggestion.

  5. I just found your website. How fortunate for me. You have lovely ideas and wonderful presentation. Thank you!

  6. I used this same stitch a while back when I was working up the crochet flower puffs..

    Recently I was looking for a 3D type stitch to use to make a purse and found this tutorial. After I worked up the purse I got the idea that this stitch would be perfect for a custom order I got for a Aqua Teen Hunger Force Meat Wad Hat.. It turned out perfect!

  7. I have started to do the same thing – learning new stitches. I think I am going to have a lot of dish clothes. Thank you for the ball stitch pattern. Jean in soggy Canada.

  8. I really like the look of the stitch. I steer clear of the Lily and Cream because the yarn frustrates me and the project does not continue to be made! I like using the Bernat cotton yarn. I will look for it in the craft store. Thanks for the stitch pattern!


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