BPdc – Back Post double crochet

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Post stitches are stitches that are crocheted around the post of the stitch in the previous row, as appossed to a “normal” crochet stitch that you insert your hook into the top of the stitch in the previous round. They are my absolute favorite because they add texture to your items.

A Back Post double crochet (BPdc) is a dc that is crocheted around the post from back to front.  Here it is step by step.

1)  yo,

2)  insert hook from back to front, and then to back again, around the vertical post of the st (see pics)

3)  yo and pull up a loop,

4)  yo,

5)  pull through 2 loops

6)  yo,

7) pull through last 2 loops.


Happy Crocheting!


  1. This was so helpful. It gave me many ideas to make different things. Many thanks Cheryl


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