New Afghan & Crown Pattern

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Crochet Patterns | 20 comments

I’m finally ready to release this pattern…I just need to hear back from my pattern testers that it’s a.o.k.  I’m still undecided on a name, so I’m taking a poll. Below are some of the suggestions I’ve had, that I think fit.  Let me know if you like any of these, or if you have a different suggestion. I will be giving away a copy of the pattern to whoever suggested the name I use.

Baby Afghan & Crown Pattern

Baby Princess Crown

Here are some of the suggestions so far:

1)  Baby Puff Clouds

2)  Humble Heart

3)  Hugs & Kisses

4)  Heaven Sent

5)  Cross My Heart

6)  Flower Bud

7)  Cherished

Name will be chosen, and winner announced, on Tuesday (5/22).


  1. I like “Cherished”for the name.

  2. my crowning glory

  3. Princessa … spanish for Princess. The word Princess is nice, but the added “a” at the end makes it sound … lacey … more feminine … which is a definite fit for this beautiful afghan. :) Beautiful work!!!


  5. “Royal Beauty”

  6. Royal baby.

  7. What about “Once Upon A Time”

    • I love this name ” once upon a time”. It allows your mind to wander and dream up lots of stories, just like what we intend for the child that grows up with this beautiful creation. :))

    • Ooooh, DEFINATELY “Once upon a Time.” Great idea!!

  8. It looks to me like that is a crown hanging on the post with it so I would suggest a name like : Royal Baby or Hearts and Crowns

  9. Crown Jewel

  10. This is so pretty. I think the Princess Rose Afghan or Her Majesty

  11. Royal Bundle or Treasured Bundle

  12. How about The Princess and the Prince? Sorry I missed out on being a tester for this one!

  13. It’s Beautiful! How about the name – Royal Warmth

  14. How about “Lavender Lace” or “Lovely in Lavender”

  15. For the afghan, I likE THE FOLLOWING NAMES

    1. Crowning Glory
    2. Royalty

  16. I really like the name “Cherished”. It seems like the perfect gift for a newborn baby, a child, a parent, a grandmother, a significant other, or anybody that you cherish. Let them wrap themselves up in love and honor :) It really is a beautiful set!

  17. Crowning Glory would be my suggestion. The points on the edge look like a crown, and the it looks like a crown to the left of the ghan. And when mommies are checked to see if they’re crowing yet. But, I’m a bit confused. This shows up as your work inprogress for Wed…today the 23rd. Your post says contest winner was to be announced yesterday the 22nd? Maybe you linked to the wrong post on the linky since this is a finished object and your deadline was yesterday?

  18. Just noticed someone else has my line of logic Fabiana Rocky

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