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It’s Thursday, which means it’s giveaway day!

Ambassador Crochet Pattern Shop(click above picture to go to my pattern shop and see what you could win)

To enter you need to:

1) Be a follower of this blog.

2) Answer this question…..If you were to crochet something for yourself, what would it be?  And what colors would you use?

Winner will be announced Saturday morning. (6/23)


  1. I would do a nice beachy sundress in beautiful sunset colors! Love the beach at sunset!

  2. I would make a loose kimono style jacket in varigated shades of autumn (greens, golds, rusts). Also a black tote bag.

  3. I love your slouchy kids hat and mitts … I have a cardigan sweater pattern in a book that I have wanted to make for myself. I even purchased the bulky weight merino/acrylic yarn in a grape color too. Now all I need is the time to make it!

  4. something for myself would be a huge warm winter blanket in the colours white, light grey, dark grey, green and purple! the yarn would be a mix of cotton and acrylic which is sooooooo soft but warm too! :D and if sometimes all my started projects are finished, i’ll start with the blanket! :D

  5. I would like to mke a felted bag large enough to hold 2-3 projects. I’d like to make this from a combination of alpaca wool spun with the clippings from my 2 standard poodles. The ultimate would be to match the apricot color of Singa’s fur and the Black of Kohl’s with small amounts of white/almost white mixed in.

  6. I’d make myself a soft, cuddly blanket with super bulky yarn so it would be very plush. Colors? Hmmm. Blue and cream or a mix of purples.

  7. I would crochet an old school granny square Afghan, or a beautiful filet bedspread and I would use a variety of purples with a couple other “pops” maybe light yellow and sage….

  8. I found some yarn on our last vacation and I plan on crocheting myself a shrug. Now, if I could just find the time!

  9. Crocheted baskets in bright colors and neutral colors…For all over my house!

  10. I would like to crochet one of the sun dresses I see everywhere. I am drawn to jewel tones so probably an electric blue! On the other hand, I love to make things for me niece and nephew too. Great giveaway, thanks!

  11. I would like to crochet myself a nice cardigan. Probably in purple or maybe grey.

  12. I’d crochet a bright pink, A-line, lacey summer top with short sleeves.

  13. I would make a lacy, light vest that I could wear over a top to dress up my outfits. Although red is my favorite color, I would probably do this in a soft or off white color.

  14. If I were to make myself something,I think it would be a warm shawl for the winter months. I would do it in a pretty orange color. I am often cold in the winter, but don’t like to bulk up with layers of clothes or bundle in blankets, a shawl would keep me warm with out all the hassles.

  15. I have been crocheting stuff for other people and their babies for years. I am finally scheduling my next project for myself. I’m making a clutch to go with my dress for a friends wedding. An intense lime/grass green.

  16. I’d love to do a cape for myself, lightweight for the summer months in lavendar and a soft sage green and a tan.. I get a chill in church, lol

  17. If I were to make something for myself, it would be a shawl or cozy afghan in shades of soft blues.

  18. I would make myself a red and black purse/tote

  19. I would love to crochet myself a nice shrug in fall colors!

  20. I would make a Slouchy Textured Beret with coral yarn.

  21. I am about to start making a tote bag in a light grey with Navy Blue trim. I am going to do it in Tunisian Simple Stitch that I learned here on your scarf tutorial. Really like to do Tunisian Crochet. Thanks for your help in showing me alot about this form of crochet.

  22. I’d love to make a very lacy scarf in maybe some linen yarn or thread

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