1. If I get in a crochet slump, I either put it down for a while or I’ll pick up another project like knitting or Plastic Canvas work and do those for a while. I have a crocheted blanket I have almost finished. All I need to do is put on a picot trim and it will be done. I’ve had to set it aside, do some thing else and then I’ll go back and pick it up and finish it. There are just so many other projects I want to do, that I never get bored for long.

  2. No, I really don’t ever get into a slump. I keep a lot of different things going at the same time….a wide variety of patterns, yarns, etc….and so I always have something to pick from no matter what!

  3. I usually have multiple projects going, but I’m a slow crocheter so I get bored with them if they take too long. I guess you’d call that a slump. Starting a new project or making something small picks up my spirits and I can go back to my other projects. A deadline helps, too.

  4. pick up some crochet magazines and read an inspiring article and learn a new technique, stitch or trick…

  5. My crocheting is 98% for charity so I am motivated by my 3 “causes” baby hats for 2 local hospitals, chemo hats and nursing home items. I mostly do baby hats so if I feel unmotivated which is rare, I change to one of the other projects I like doing or maybe just change the pattern of baby hat or color of thread I’m using. I LOVE to crochet.

  6. When I get in a slump…I will usually dig out my old crochet mags and books sit with a cup of tea and remotivate…Sometimes I will quilt or knit also

  7. Comment I tell myself that I can buy a new pattern after I finish my current project…. usually does the trick :)

  8. I’ll try again. I didn’t get last weeks prize, but maybe this is how I am supposed to respond. I love your patterns and would really like to make the “fan motiff baby square” pattern.

    I keep motivated with my project by not looking to far ahead to the next one. I always know that there is a next one, but don’t plan too far in advance what it will be.

  9. I just love the little owls. but I like the Star quilt, too! How can I decide when I really like all of them.. I actually have almost all of them…so winning would just help bring my collection of “originals by Kristine” up to date! ♥

  10. usually when I see a new pattern or color scheme I want to try

  11. I’m generally working on several different projects at a time so I simply pick up a different one whenever I no longer feel like working on the current project.

  12. I work on one large project and a few small ones at the same time, so when I get bored with one, I pick up another…it keeps it from being too monotonous. Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  13. When I get in a crochet slump I just pick up another project to work on. I usually have three or four going at one time. Sometimes I take a break from crocheting altogether and work on other hobbies!

  14. Occasionally I get in a crochet slump but the weather usually takes cars of it. As soon as there’s a chill in the air, my thoughts immediately turn to scarves…hats….slippers…a lapghan…

  15. I hit up every crochet site I can find looking at all the stuff I can’t make. Really makes me realize I need to practice if I ever want to make something more challenging!

  16. Yes, I am in one now. Usually I take a c ouple of days off to read, and by the third day I can hardly wait to get a hook and fiber in my hands again.

  17. Yes. I hate it when project doesn’t come together right away. A lot of frogging gets me very cranky!

  18. Whenever I get in a slump I go to my favorite sites and see what they have new. It usually get’s the creative juices flowing, I’ll do a small, fast project and when I’m done I’m usually in the mood to crochet again so I can finish the bigger projects I’ve been working on!

  19. A new follower and really want to try your Tunisian scarf. :) when in a slump, I buy some nice yarn and start a new small project. That usually gets the spark going again and I finish those old projects…. At least I try ;)

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