2013 Crochet Calendar Giveaway

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I’ve been getting my house in order, and then we were on vacation for a while, but now I’m back!   I figured this would be the perfect time for this giveaway.  So, I’m giving away a 2013 Crochet Pattern Calendar.  I have 3 patterns in this calendar – which made me super excited – and thought it might be nice to share the calendar with others.

There are a few ways to enter, but not all are mandatory.  Enter as many, or as few, as you’d like.  The drawing will be held on Sept. 13th.
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  1. Love the bows@

  2. I love your tree frog pattern.

  3. Comment

  4. Brown Cluster Beanie with Pink Flower Crochet Pattern

  5. I love the Owl hat patterns :)

  6. Love the sunshine and snowflake beanies!

  7. The Brown Cluster Beanie!

  8. I love your snowflake beanie pattern.

  9. I love your baby patterns, but especially like the Pixie Hat and Diaper Cover pattern.

  10. I love your tree frog pattern.

  11. Since I just finished it, I would have to say that the Engine 1 is my fav!!

  12. I love the slouchy textured beret. :)

  13. i like your textured beret :)

  14. I love the Thomas the Tain hat.. I’m gonna have to make one for my grandson

  15. I love the peeps bunnies, the little girl set that is in greens and yellows and so many many more. Isn’t that little green cyclops cute!!

  16. I love the snowflake and brown cluster beanies… you write fabulous patterns!!! :)

  17. The sunshine beanie is my all time favorite!

  18. I love Wrapped in Love!

  19. I love the wrapped in love beanie!

  20. I love your patterns, but I am unclear how to enter this current contest. You state “There are a few ways to enter, but not all are mandatory. Enter as many, or as few, as you’d like. The drawing will be held on Sept. 13th.” but don’t explaain what exactly are the different methoo\ds are. Could you let me know. Thank you.

    • Cynthia, there is a box inside the post that says “2013 Crochet Calendar – Enter to Win.” Then it asks you to log in with either your email or facebook account. From there it will give you options (follow me on twitter, facebook, etc). If you still need help just let me know.

  21. The Solouchy Beret is my favorite!

  22. The Slouchy Beret is my favorite!

  23. I love your Engine 1 Train Hat! I wish I had seen that when my two boys were obsessed with Thomas, it would have been a huge hit, but they have long since outgrown it :(

  24. Aww! Such a lovely pillow!

  25. I (and my son) love the Thomas the Train hat!

  26. It’s hard to pick just one. Each time I look, I like a different one!! But I do love your Once Upon A Time afghan..

  27. the thomas hat is so cute!

  28. I really love the on the town beanie. I have your red eyed tree frog too and it’s so cute!

  29. I like the snowflake beanie!

  30. I love most of your patterns, but my favorites are the fan motif baby afghan and the textured star baby blanket.

  31. I love the Sunshine Beanie! Cute.

  32. I like your Emotions owls but all of your patterns are great

  33. Love the Kiera Beanie and the baby blanket!

  34. Love the cobblestone cluster & basketweave afghan! :)

  35. Love all our patterns. I hope i did what i need it to enter the giveaway ;)

  36. I I love all of your hats! I especially like the sunshine beanie and the flower ear warmer.

  37. I love all of your super cute beanie patterns.

  38. the beanie patterns and buttercup flower headband.

  39. I like several of the squares and dish cloth patterns, but I’m going to choose the Tunisian scarf for its unusual stitch.

  40. My favorite pattern is the kiera ladies hat with flower pattern. You do very nice work!

  41. I love ALL of your hat patterns!

  42. I love these calendars and have one from years gone by for sewing. I’d love a crochet one. It is so hard to choose a favourite pattern, I guess it depends on the day.. I know my grandson would choose the Thomas hat :)

  43. I love your Basketweave Afghan Square pattern!!

  44. Love your work and I enjoy seeing your posts on FB. :)

  45. I like the wrapped in love beanie with the bow.

  46. Rosebud Adorned Wide Brim Hat Crochet Pattern PDF 066

  47. The candy shoppe dreams pattern is my favorite!

  48. I love the snowflake beanie!

  49. lavender fields is my fav, I think.

  50. My favorite is the Red Eyed Tree Frog Hat. :)

  51. TMNT hat!

  52. I guess I’ve missed the contest for a free crochet calendar. Anyhow, I was wondering if there might be a spare one just sort of laying around wishing for a wall to call home. I am in need of a couple but one will do. I love to crochet and since I have 3 grandsons-5,4&16 mos thats all the more reason to crochet “something”. Here’s my info in case you run across one: Beth Lord 433 S. Main St. Apt. 3 Brewer Maine 04412 (207)385-5999. Thank you for your kindness.

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