1. I could not find a question in a box, but I must say Kristine! You have outdone yourself with the Owl Hats!!! Awesome. I may make some for charity :)

    • Thank you, Kim! I’ve fixed the giveaway box, but I’ll count your comment as your entry.

  2. I can’t find the question either. If you asked my weight tho I refuse to answer. Love you stuff!!

    • haha, Brenda! I’ve fixed the giveaway, and I’ll take your silence as your answer ;)

  3. i follow in a Google reader. Does that count? My favorite color combo for fall would have to be deep purples and browns. Thanks!

  4. I like turquoise and brown together. :)

  5. My favorite fall color combo would be pumpkin and black.. Or mustard and chocolate brown!

  6. Love, love, love the orange shades that make their way out this time of year.

  7. i like brown and gray together..

  8. Love love love orange and red. Just so warming like a fire and some hot apple cider!

  9. I love the deep reds, browns and deep oranges that are found in nature at this time of year, buut I am a Leo with fire as an element, and I’ve always been fond of those colours even before I knew their significance in astrology! Strange! <3

  10. I love dark chocolate brown and heather gray. I can’t wait for fall!

  11. favourite colors are green/black or purple/black

  12. Brown, orange, yellow – when I think of fall these are the colors I see.

  13. I love the dark purples with muted yellows and orange.

  14. My favorite fall colors are teal and brown, at least for this year!

  15. I follow you through my google/blogger reader.

    My favourite autumn colour is the burnt orange that usually comes out this time of year. I just smell the bonfires and the crisp Autumn air when I see them.

  16. I like charcoal gray with jewel tones

  17. Loving deep oranges, browns and mustard

  18. I love deep reds and oranges together for fall- I even throw in mustard yellows and apple green for fun sometimes! I love fall colors!!

  19. My favorite fall colors are oranges and hues of browns. BUT, it’s football season and I’m a Jacksonville Jaguars fan so I rock Teal and Black this time of year…lol

  20. My favorite color for he fall is orange :)

  21. Love oranges and browns!

  22. Didn’t find the question either?????? but I enjoy crocheting…………and I love finding different patterns…I’m picky about the yarn I use….I have to feel it before I choose it…..

    • I’m a feeler too. I rarely buy online, unless I’ve bought that specific one before.

  23. My favorite fall color combo is rust, peach, cream, green, and wood brown.

  24. I love greens and purples combined together

  25. I am working with a lot of different charcoal shades for this fall, but I love deep purples and plums as well.

  26. I cannot see a question, but looking at the comments I would think it has to do with colors that make us think of fall,. I love the colors of the changing leaves, a nice deep red, orange and yellow. What a joy to behold!!

  27. Wow that’s hard!
    Let me think!
    I love the gold crisp yellow its so pretty!!

  28. My favorite fall colors are the oranges, reds, and golds. Fall is my favorite season. The earth is so colourful.

  29. Brown and yellow :)

  30. Pumpkin, mocha, cream, greens, reds

  31. My favorite colors for falls are browns and oranges..

  32. I love eggplant and burgundy

  33. My favorite for Fall is oranges and deep purples

  34. Lately my fave color combo has been brown with a pop of bright pink, or a creamy beige and a mute pink

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