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It’s Thursday, which means it’s giveaway day!

Most crafters put their heart into everything they make.  I know I do.  But sometimes we put a little extra heart into a certain project, don’t we?  I have a 4 year old daughter who LOVES frogs.  Actually she’s obsessed with them, and even pet frogs that she’s raised from tadpoles.  She has an identifier book so when she catches them she knows what kind she has.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and when she was little I knick-named her “Joy”.  Only my youngest 2 children didn’t have handmade afghans, so I came up with this crazy idea. I would make a “Frog Pond” afghan, complete with lily pads, water lillies, and of course a frog!  I’ve finally seen it to the end, so that is the pattern I’ll be giving away this week. Here is my “Frog Pond Afghan.”

water lily and lily pads

Better pictures of the finished frog are coming!

To enter you need to:

1) Be a follower of this blog. (email, rss, google, etc)

2) Answer the question posted in the giveaway box below.

Winner will be announced Thursday morning. (9/20)

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  1. My favorite party of Nature is Fall and the beautiful color’s it brings, the smell in the air.

  2. That is sooo cute! what a labor of love :)

    My favorite part of nature is when the leaves chance in autumn. All those gorgeous reds and oranges and yellows, its my favorite time of year.

  3. It is where I go to recharge my batteries. I don’t know if I can specify one particular thing. I love winter and snow, because it is natures way of saying, you can start over. I love Spring and all the vibrant colors. I love summer because it means fishing. I love fall and the cooler weather. I really love sunrises and sunsets… they are glorious to see. There are so many things. I guess I would have to say that I love the magical beauty that nature has to offer — even electrical storms are beautiful to me!

    By the way, this is incredible!!

  4. My favorite parts of nature are Spring Flowers and Fall Leaves. I’m not a fan of Winter or Summer as much… Beautiful afghan!

  5. I don’t really have a favorite part of nature because so much of it is so interesting. I love watching the birds and hearing them sing and hearing all of the summer sounds that return when winter is over. I like being outside to get fresh air and exercise. I love to hike and camp in nature, too. :)

  6. Fall and the beautiful color’s

  7. My favorite part of nature is the colors…spring flowers popping up before the snow is gone…summer’s riot of colors..fall with their leaves turning colors and indian corn with its plethera of colors…winter snows making everything look fresh and clean

  8. My favorite part(s) of nature are spring when the world comes back to life, flowers bloom, birds sing, frogs croak all night long and the land greens; and then fall when in Florida the weather finally “cools”, the humidity finally goes down and I can open my doors and windows and feel nature’s natural air conditioning.

  9. I love the fall when all the leaves turn and the weather cools.

  10. My favorite part of Nature is all the beautiful colors and sounds of every season! Beautiful scenery, sounds, feeling come with every season. And of course I love all the animals in nature. My 6 year old daughter has also found a love her frogs, salamanders inch worms, etc. So we love hiking and spending time in nature looking for those creatures. The beautiful sound of the birds. And the bunnies and deer and other wildlife that we see. Kids really help you to appreciate nature on a whole new level!
    Beautiful Afghan!!

  11. I love watching the animals, especially hawks, love the fall colors when the leaves change.

  12. This is amazing <3 Water is my favorite part of nature

  13. My favorite part of nature is flowers – I love all the colors, and finding them alongside the road on travels. They are the happiest part of creation in nature to me.

  14. My favourite part of nature is a sunny warm day (not too hot though!) with a cool breeze. I love to hear the wind rustling through the leaves, very calming. Love the blankety by the way!

  15. My favorite part of nature is watching the animals interact with each other. I live in the woods, and we have lots of different animals come through our place. The mamma dear protects the fawn, the birds teaching the young ones to fly, even the raccoons have interaction. It is a marvel to me that we all coexisist so closely.

  16. What a cool afghan…and such a neat keepsake for your daughter too! Beautiful work!

  17. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right…oh my! The giveaway told me to leave a comment (see above). Now it’s asking me for my favorite part of nature – a no-brainer…the ocean! Grew up on the west coast and love my California beaches!

  18. My favourite part of nature is how much it changes and adapts. If I could, I’d live on the coast, any coast so that I could always enjoy the scent of sea air. Since I can’t at the moment, I find joy in everything else nature has to offer. The colours, sounds, textures, scents that change with the seasons. Being outdoors soothes the soul and recharges my batteries!

  19. My favorite part of nature is that God made all of it different and yet each thing so important. Like us, we are all mankind…yet, individually each so different. I love your frog afghan, the ripples of water in two different colors is fantastic, and the lily pads / w. flowers are just beautiful! Blessings to you my friend ♥

  20. I am so fortunate to live in the evergreen state of WA. Growing up here in northern Wa, I have always had a love for trees. I remember laying in my bed every morning just staring at the tree I could see from my bedroom window. Memorizing each one of them and where they stood in the view. There was also a creek near where I lived and my friends and I would spend many summer days playing there. watching the small baby fish and finding the barnacle type stick creatures hiding on the rocks. I also spent many summers in eastern Wa either on our way to family that lived in Idaho or at summer camp. I have a favorite mountain that we would climb every year at camp. We also would visit the grand coolie dam. In eastern WA there seams to be less trees, but many plains. My favorite part of driving through there is watching the clouds shadows move along the plains. So I guess I in general just love nature!! :)

  21. My favorite part of Nature is Fall .

  22. My favorite part of nature is a hard thing to pinpoint! I grew up watching nature shows with my dad, so I just enjoy nature in general.

  23. Besides yarn crafts, I also love freshwater fish. I can see this afghan with a few crocheted fish swuimming along too. Very pretty colors. Beatiful blanket. would look great in my home.

  24. I love nature in the spring.. I love watching the flowers bloom and I have to say I LOVE frogs just like your daughter.. for me it goes back to a story of a guardian angel.. F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God!!!

  25. My favorite parts of nature are the blue sky, rain, and ocean. Super cute afghan I’ve ever seen.

  26. I love the sounds of the trees, the rustling leaves and the birds. I have never seen a pattern quite like this one…very sweet!

  27. My favorite part of nature is all the animals. I have a special soft spot for big cats, panda bears, and penguins.

  28. I love the smells of spring and fall….in spring the smell of freshly cut grass and in fall the crisp air and cool nights makes it perfect to snuggle up under an afghan.

  29. i so love the nature which brings me to loving camping , the sounds of the birds and the trees,along with the water… there just is not anything like it

  30. I love the surprises that nature brings everyday. Sometimes small gentle changes like tiny blossoms, dew drops, or noticing little frogs crocking in the yard. Sometime the surprises are huge bright sunsets, towering clouds, or loud howling coyotes. Watching for surprises makes everyday happy and exciting!!!!!

  31. I love a lot of nature, but if I have to choose one I would say flowers

  32. love your pond afghan, looks like it was well received. good job

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