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Little Pumpkin Hat Pattern Giveaway

It’s Thursday, which means it’s Giveaway Day!

Fall is in the air, with it’s crisp nights and colorful leaves.  So, I thought it would be the perfect time to give away my Little Pumpkin Hat crochet pattern.  What are your favorite fall activity?  Mine would probably be leaf peepin’.  I live in New England where the colors are spectacular this time of year!

pumpkin patch

To enter you need to:

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2) Answer the question posted in the giveaway box below.

Winner will be announced Thursday morning. (9/27)

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26 thoughts on “Little Pumpkin Hat Pattern Giveaway”

  • watching the leaves change colour, clean up yard, cut flowers down ;( spend time with grandkids and crochet of course, testing & making xmas presents for family

  • fI am not sure I did this right . The box confused me a little. The question is what is one of my favorite fall activities. Since the leaves of the only tree that actually changes color and turns a bright reddish orange is the Liquid Amber trees and they don’t usually start till the end of October and don’t finished untill well into December here in San Diego County in Southern California. I have to say evening walks when the air starts to take on a crispness to it. Then we go up to Julian (an old mining town) in the mountains for fresh Apple Cider and fresh picked apples.

  • My favorite Fall activity is decorating for Fall/Halloween. I love the pumpkins ,scarecrows ,corn stalks outside and all the fun stuff inside my house……

  • I like the cooler dryer weather where I can start up the fireplace at night. I can sit and work on afghans that are too hot to work on in the summer. In the daytime, I can open windows and get that fresh clean air in. I also have a few WIP’s for christmas gifts. It’s a productive time of year. Living in the mountains, I only need to look out my windows and can see the change in colors of the leaves. I live in the perfect place.

  • I love going for a walk in the Gatineau Hills. The fall colours are spectacular there! It also means that it’s nearly time to start decorating for Halloween, which I love doing.

  • In the Fall I love to go apple and pumpkin picking, take scenic drives to view Fall foliage, and make apple crisp, apple and pumpkin pies, and hot soups and stews to replace all the summer bbq!

  • My son and I raking up the leaves in our back yard and watching him and our dogs jump in them. Then later that evening we build a bonfire in our back yard and roast s’mores. I also love making apple pies or apple sauce from apple picking.

  • I love driving in the country and seeing the beautiful autumn leave colours, and I’m still a kid at heart and love playing in big piles of leaves.

  • The turn of the season into fall in Florida is much more subtle then other areas, but I do enjoy taking rides in my convertible. It’s beautifully sunny and the air temps start to get cooler. I enjoy crocheting fall goodies for my granddaughter and for the local hospital’s newborns. Fall crochet colors are as fabulous as the colors of changing leaves up north.

  • my favorite activies in the fall are to go to the pumpkin patches and corn mazes and have a picnic with some hot apple cider…..

  • I love everything about fall! It’s so hard to pick one thing. I love the cool air and the “smells” of fall, along with the feeling of just being cosy all the time. The list goes on : )

  • My favorite fall thing to do is wear a warm and squishy soft handmade sweater! Of course that means I can go out and play in the leaves or watch the clouds drift by or watch the children playing in the giant leaf piles :)~ Some days are meant for the sweater and a basket of yarn to work out in the crisp air making another lovely thing to keep someone warm…… ;)

  • Besides raking leaves for the kids to jump in, I harvest our apples. Some I put up for later, some get made into baked goodies,and some are given to friends and neighbors. I also start on my Christmas projects. The best is the clean crisp air. Just sitting outside in the evening enjoying it.

  • Oh WOW! I WON! I wasn’t even sure I entered correctly, so I tried in bothe the box and in the comments sectionh! Thanks! I have some nieces and my own daughter to make the hats for! So far here in San Diego County (in Southern California we are off to a Hot October (100 degrees predicted for Tuesday) They may not be worn till November. Thanks Again! This is exciting!

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