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It’s Thursday, which means it’s giveaway day!

I’m working on some boy ideas, so I need your suggestions for color combos! Boys especially, but I would love to hear what colors you like for girls too. Winner will be randomly chosen from the comments left below (through the rafflecopter giveaway box)

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To enter you need to:

1) Be a follower of this blog.

2) Answer this question…..What is your favorite color combo right now?  Pick 2 – 5 colors for boys and/or girls?

Winner will be announced Thursday morning. (10/18)

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  1. Purple and warm brown for girls, green and yellow for boys, or vice versa, works on both sexes. ^^

  2. I love the combo of blues and greens for boys. Pink and beige for girls. Or blue and yellow for either. With winter here, I’m not about the really bright colors, but color is important no matter the season :)

  3. Forbaby boys, I like heather grey and baby blue … For older boys I like the heather grey with black.

  4. I am really liking blue and smoky grey for boys and pink and brown for girls.

  5. I love blue and gray for boys- even liking burnt orange and gray (charcoal) for boys, too. For girls I am using lots of pinks- a bright pink with a lighter pink or using shades of turquoise together- a peacock blue with a bright turquoise.

  6. I love the color combo of hot pink and lime green for the summer

  7. For boys, I love dark greens, charcoal, browns. I do really like deep blues as well =)

  8. Right now I really like brown with lt blue or pink, depending on girl/boy, and heather gray with either blue/pink.

  9. blue and grey for boys, yellow and grey for girls

  10. My favorite color combinations are pink and gray, pink and aqua, gray and aqua or a combination of all three together.

  11. I like dark blue with white. Grays and blacks and tan and green for boys.

  12. My favorite combo for girls right now is lavender, mint green and gray. My favorite for boys is olive green, brown and gray.

  13. My favorite color combination is aqua and brown or gray and pink.

  14. For boys I like blue and green, grey and light blue, maroon and black, neon/spring green and turquoise. For girls I love autumn red and black, pink and brown, hot pink and black, lavender and white,

  15. What is your favorite color combo right now? Fuchsia and charcoal grey for girls or fuchsia and chocolate brown. For boys that chocolate brown or charcoal grey and teal.

  16. I like brown and blue or green for boys and brown and pink or yellow for girls.

  17. For boys, I like navy and light blue and green and grey. For girls, I like pale yellow, lightish blue, white and blue, cranberry, cream.

  18. For boys, I like to crochet either in shades of blue or browns and blues. I have just started crocheting lime green hats with pink trim and pom poms for girls. Very stunning. I’ve been making pumpkin and football hats for my hospital donations too.

  19. blue + grey, blue + brown, black + blue for boys
    pink + brown, pink + gray, light + dark purples, orange + cream for girls

  20. For boys I’ve been using grays, black & charcoals. For girls I love purple & lavender, and pink & gray.

  21. love mustard yellow & grey for fall

  22. For boys I love grey and navy combo and brown and black combo. For girls i love brown and turquoise, and plum and grey. Thanks for a chance to win.

  23. gray and yellow, gray and pink, chartreuse

  24. For boys, I like baby blue, black and white. For girls, I love purple, lime green and brown.

  25. I love combining various shades of blue and orange for boys. Sometimes I add in yellow or white as well if I feel the item needs a little more.

  26. For boys, in the fall i think the tweedy colors of grays, browns, tans, medium blues accented by purer colors from the tweeds. In the spring I like yellows with blues and greens and whites. For girls in the fall, I like the main tweedy colors of browns, rusts,dark purples accented by the pure colors of yellow , oranges,, pretty greens (usually picking up colors from the tweeds) with some touches of pinks and reds. In the spring I like navy and white, as well as a burst of spring colors, pinks,yellow,purples,reds,oranges,greens and medium blues.

  27. Boys: I like charcoal and red, navy and silver gray, hunter green and gold, medium leaf green and burnt orange.

    Girls: I like turquoise and golden yellow, turquoise and hot pink, deep purple and hot pink, rose and ivory, medium gray and magenta.

  28. Oh my this is hitting the spot for me. I have more grandboys than girl. 5 to 1. I love red/gray, blue/yellow, green/yellow for boys.

  29. I have two boys and am always struggling for fun combinations for them. I do a lot of blue, black and gray because it’s our school colors! I also loved the combination of a lighter green, dark gray and light gray for my youngest.

  30. I am thinking blues & greens for boys, or blue and gray.
    Lavender and mint for girls.

  31. I love dark grey with a pastel color. Right now I am doing grey and lavender. It’s so pretty!

  32. I really like fall greens for boys and girls with brown accents

  33. My favorite colours combinations at the moment are:
    Blue & white, red & white, red & cream, raspberry & pink

  34. My favorite color combo right now is white, light pink and dark pink. Or Dark Purple and White.

  35. For boys: chocolate brown, tan and blue.. For girls: chocolate brown, lime green and pink..

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