I Love Yarn Day Giveaway

Posted by on October 12, 2012 in Crochet, Yarn | 39 comments

It’s I Love Yarn Day…so I thought I would do a one day giveaway!  I have SOOO much yarn that I thought I would give some away. (3 skeins, in bundle #1, are partial skeins.)

Leave a comment through Rafflecopter letting me know which bundle you would like to win. You can enter as many as you would like.

Winner responsible for shipping charges. All bundles fit in a large flat rate shipping box, and will cost $16. Winners will be drawn tomorrow (10/13) morning. Winners needs to respond, and pay invoice by 10/16, or new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Everyday is “I love Yarn” day! I would love to win bundle#2.

    • Charlotte, the rafflecopter giveaway didn’t load the first time I tried. Any chance you can go back in and leave a comment through that so it will see your entry?

  2. Bundle # 1, please

  3. “I love Yarn” day is the best! I would like to win bundle # 3.

  4. Ooh, #3 for me…love bright colors.

  5. I would love bundle #2!

  6. Bundle 3 for me! :)

  7. I would Love to win Bundle 2 as I have my 1st bundle of joy on the way!!!

  8. I would love bundle #3! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I am doing an afghan out of scraps and Bunndle number 1 would suit me just fine. I also make squares for charity and these colorswould work great for squares for children squares. Thanks so much for sharing your stash.

  10. I would love bundle 3! I can see so many things to make with those colors!

  11. I would like bundle 3 cus I love yarn.

  12. I would be so happy with bundle #3.

  13. I would like have bundle #3,thanks

  14. Ooo, bundle number 3 for me, please!!

    And thank YOU!!

  15. I’d love #3

  16. Hard choice, but I use simply soft a lot so number 3 for me. :) Thanks for the chance!

  17. #3 is the choice for me. :) Though, I would be happy with any, cause yarn is the bomb-diggity!!! :D

  18. What a wonderful prize! I would love any but bundle #2 would be my choice!

  19. oooh #3 please!!

  20. I made so many baby hats to donate to two local hospitals, I would love bundle 1 first. If not that one, then bundle two would be great also. Thanks, Kristine!!!

  21. I would love bundle number # PLEASE!!!!!

    • here i go again forgetting to put a number in


      • I’m so so sorry the reason i keep leaving comments are because i can’t hardly see what i’m typing until i have already summitted my answer!! Then i see that either my email is wrong or i left out something.
        So please forgive me!!!!
        I would love to have bundle #3 PLEASE!!!!

      • No worries, Brenda. I have no idea how to fix it and make it darker!

  22. Bundle 3 pls

  23. Bundle 1 please

  24. Bundle #3 please

  25. Bundle #2 please!!

  26. I would love Bundle 3!!

  27. “I love Yarn day”and I would like to win bundle # 3! thank you!

  28. Wow! How nice! An early Halloween treat! I would like to win #3 because of all the beautiful colors! Being a newbie, I need to get a collection of yarn going…hehhehehe
    Thank you!

  29. I would LOVE to receive Bundle #2. Love the colours!

  30. Bundle # 2 please

  31. i would love to win # 3

  32. You are so very generous. I would love all of the wonderful bold colors of Bundle3! Thank you for your kind offering!

  33. I would love No.1 please. I would love to start making things for babies.

  34. Winner of Bundle #1 – Colleen Burwell
    Winner of Bundle #2 – Sandi Hudson
    Winner of Bundle #3 – Rachel Martorano

  35. Thank you so much Kristine! My son and daughter-in-law just adopted a baby girl and will soon finalize the adoption for 2 toddlers. I’m looking forward to making them all a “new grandma” bundle of love blankie to cherish. Blessings to you and yours :)

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