Fringe Benefits Book Review

Fringe…..I love it! And Fringe Benefits by Leisure Arts is entirely dedicated to projects with fringe, which totally makes me happy. I was so excited to be able to do this review.


Fringe Benefits

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Fringe Benefits


Publisher: Leisure Arts

Author: Melissa Leapman

Number of Pages: 32 pages

Number of Projects: 8 patterns

Types of Projects: Accessories and wearables

Difficulty Ratings: All patterns are rated easy. (Easy – Projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping.)

Yarn Used: #4 and #5

First Impression: This is so great. A shopping list!!! The material list has been made into a shopping list. You can just bring it with you and check off the items as you purchase them. Genius!

My Favorite Project Pick: Cowl, tank, and cuff bracelet…..I couldn’t choose just one!


Cowl pattern from Fringe Benefits - book review by Ambassador Crochet.


Cuff Bracelet from Fringe Benefits - book review by Ambassador Crochet.


Scoopneck Top from Fringe Benefits - book review by Ambassador Crochet.





I love more advanced patterns that challenge me, but there is something to be said about a book entirely dedicated to easy patterns that are fashionable as well. Easy patterns are great for when you want to crochet something without a lot of extra thought or concentration. And, while there are only 8 projects in this book, there is a variety of projects including a poncho, bags/purse, a vest, and more. If you love fringe, I think you’ll love the Fringe Benefits pattern book.


Technical Review 


Leisure Arts now color codes their sizes. So if you have the same set of instructions with different stitch counts you will still see 32 (34, 36) but 32 might be blue, 34 pink, and 36 green. Sometimes it’s these little things that help immensely with the pattern instructions. Small and medium sizes are in one set of brackets { } and large, 1x, and 2x are in a separate set of brackets { } – I’m assuming this is to make it easier on the eyes to find what you’re looking for (like the color coded size counts).

Leisure Arts has included general pattern info (gauge, terms, abbreviations), as well as exactly which yarns were used for each project, so you can match it exactly if you’d like to.

Overall, Fringe Benefits is a great pattern book if you love fringe and/or are looking for some patterns that you can make in a short amount of time. I’ve only shown you a few of my favorites. You can click on any of the photos to go to Leisure Art’s website and see the rest of the projects. I would love for you to come back and tell me which project is your favorite.

Happy Crocheting!

 *Disclaimer* – This book was provided to me for a review, but all opinions are strictly my own.
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American Flag Afghan Crochet Pattern

A couple years ago my sister asked me to make her an American Flag afghan. Needless to say, I put it off. I knew if I was going to do it I wanted to do it correctly and I knew the patterns out there weren’t what I was looking for. I like to be very literal in my design interpretations. (Ex: My Frog Pond Afghan has rippling water, 3-D water lilies, as well as lily pads, as well as my Red-Eyed Tree Frog hat has the 3-D eyes as well as suction cups pads.)


American Flag Afghan crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet - $4.95


American Flag Afghan


Once I set my mind to making it, I decided I wanted it to be as close to a true American Flag as possible. I wanted 5 sided stars, not the 6 sided design that is out there. I also wanted a solid fabric, so I knew I couldn’t use typical crochet stitches that leave space between them. I found schematic measurements and spent days weeks doing the math to make sure everything was perfect. The result . . . . .

  • The star field is proportionately correct to the stripes.
  • Stars are worked directly into the pattern so there is no need to sew on 50 stars (or 100 to make it double sided). This will be double sided when complete.
  • Stripes look like a solid fabric. There are no holes between stitches, and you won’t have to use single crochet.
  • The finished project will be slightly bigger than a throw; closer to a full size bed afghan.


If you’d like to watch this LIVE video I did on Facebook you can see the afghan details up close.



American Flag Afghan crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet - $4.95
Star Field


I am so happy with the end result! It came out better than my expectations. I aim to write every pattern so that even a beginner is comfortable tackling a project, so I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the instructions.


You can purchase the pattern HERE in my Ravelry Shop. Use coupon code FLAG at checkout to receive 40% off the purchase price. Coupon code good through Monday, midnight EST.


Happy Crocheting!

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Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial

The linked double crochet is a double crochet stitch that links to the previous double crochet. The result is a more closed appearance than the regular double crochet gives.

Here are the 6 easy steps to making the linked double crochet (ldc) and an example of the perfect pattern to use it on.

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial 


Step 1:  Insert hook in horizontal bar of previous double crochet. (this can be a regular double crochet or a linked double crochet)


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 1



Step 2:  Yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook).


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 2


Step 3:  Insert hook in the next stitch of your previous row (the row you should be working stitches into).


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 3


Step 4:  Yo and pull up a loop. (Note: This photo doesn’t show, but you should be pulling up your loop to the height of your current stitch.)


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) tutorial - Step 4


Step 5:  Yo and pull through 2 loops on hook. (2 loops remain)


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 5


Step 6:  Yo and pull through remaining 2 loops on hook. The Linked Double Crochet (LDC) is now complete.


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 6



Linked Double Crochet (LDC) tutorial by Ambassador Crochet.


Projects it’s good for


The finished product is a fully closed set of stitches that will resemble a solid fabric without the bulk of tight stitches.

This stitch is perfect if you’re looking for something that drapes more like a fabric – instead of the usual lacy (or holey as my hubby says) project. I used this in my American Flag afghan because I wanted it to have the look of a solid fabric, and I succeeded! (Pattern will be released Friday, April 28, 2017)

American Flag afghan crochet pattern using LDC. - crochet pattern and tutorial by Ambassador Crochet.



Happy Crocheting!

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Cloria Wrap Crochet Pattern Release and Blog Hop

My newest design is the Cloria Wrap which is part of the Battle of the Stitches Round 13 designer challenge.  I’m so excited to be part of this challenge because it’s a bit different than others in the past. Here’s how the current BOS challenge will work.

We’ve put together a blog hop to showcase all the designs. If you’re joining me from Laura Mae’s Crochet, that’s great! If you’re just tuning in, you can start from the beginning and visit this Battle of the Stitches post. Then follow each post to find out the next pattern that is being revealed. Click on the Ravelry links in each post to vote for your favorites. There will be prizes at the end (read to the bottom to find out!) so make sure you vote for your favorites!

First, a little about my design….


Cloria Wrap crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet - $3.50

Click here to vote for the Cloria Wrap as your favorite.

If you’d like to purchase the wrap pattern use co


Cloria Wrap


Cloria is a greek name that means “goddess of spring”. This wrap has a unique shape that has a triangular shawl with a long tail – almost like a scarf attached to the side. You will have enough fabric to wrap over your shoulders and neck to keep you feeling like a goddess on those cool spring nights.

When trying to come up with a design, I knew I wanted something that screamed spring. I decided to use the Pantone color of the year “Greenery” as my starting point. As part of round 13 for the newest Battle of the Stitches challenge, we used the Slanted Puff stitch so I did the first section of the wrap with that as my main stitch, then I added a second section using an airy stitch combo so it wouldn’t get too heavy. The result is a beautiful wrap in the shape of a scalene triangle.


Cloria Wrap has an asymmetrical shape. Crochet pattern by Ambassador Crochet.


Continue on the Blog Hop


Next on the blog tour is Lisa from Kaleidoscope Arts & Gifts. Head over to her blog to see her design as well as get links to the rest of the blog hop!


Battle of the Stitches Round 13 blog hop.




We are giving away prizes!

I’m also giving away 5 copies of my Cloria Wrap, so leave a comment telling me what color you’d like to make yours in!

Other designers are also offering prizes, so make sure you visit them all and vote for your favorites!

In addition to all those prizes, 5 lucky winners will each receive 1 of every pattern in the round 13 Battle of the Stitches collection! Plus, a gift card to The Silk Drop as well as The Clay Sheep! Make sure you finish the blog hop to find out how to enter!

DON’T FORGET……If you love my Cloria Wrap CLICK HERE to head to my listing on Ravelry and add it to your favorites!


Happy Crocheting!


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A Garden of Shawls Book Review & Giveaway

I was so excited to be asked to do a book review of Karen Whooley’s new book called A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley. Check out my review below to find out how you can win a copy, plus have a chance at other giveaways!


A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley - Crochet pattern book review & giveaway by Ambassador Crochet.Photography by Anne Podlesak. Photos used with permission.


A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley - Crochet pattern book review & giveaway by Ambassador Crochet.A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley

Picture an elegant ornamental garden. Can you see it? It’s full of lovely flowers peeking through the picket fences, swaying in the breeze, turning skyward to the warmth of the sun.  It’s a haven from a busy work day.  A place to wander on a cool evening with a lacy shawl draped around your shoulders. A place to daydream…

A Garden of Shawls includes 12 beautiful lace shawls that evoke that feeling of being in a beautiful garden.  Made with either fingering or lace weight yarns each shawl will inspire you to create your own slice of heaven. Find out more at

A Garden of Shawls
Book Review


Publisher: Occhi Blu Press

Author: Karen Whooley

Number of Pages: 92 pages

Number of Projects: 12 shawls

Types of Projects: Beautiful lacy shawls

Difficulty: The majority of the patterns are rated intermediate with a few rated easy.

Yarn Used: #0 (lace weight), #1 fingering (instructions on how to use other weight yarns).

First Impression: Gorgeous, airy, and lightweight! Perfect for spring & summer.

Favorite Design: Palisade (shown below) & Enchantment


Palisade Shawl from A Garden of Shawls by Karen Whooley - Crochet pattern book review & giveaway by Ambassador Crochet.Palisade



Karen combined her love of Italian lace with interesting construction and the result is 12 gorgeous shawls. Each shawl has a different shape or contour, different stitch combos, as well as different fibers. The result is a garden of shawls that are stunning! Wear them for a special night on the town, or even just with your favorite pair of jeans. There is passion in every single design that Karen has put in this book.

Technical Review 

I absolutely love the fact that Karen tells you how you can use a heavier weight yarn (if you don’t want to use the finer yarns) and then gives instructions on how to make sure you can achieve the same size so you don’t end up with a ginormous shawl.

Karen has included notes on blocking your gauge swatches and shawls as well as thorough notes in each pattern. If you’re a more visual crocheter, there are charts for every pattern.


Thank you to Karen Whooley for offering to do a giveaway to my readers! One winner will receive a digital copy of A Garden of Shawls.

For a chance to win, head over to preview A Garden of Shawls and leave a comment telling me which shawl is your favorite. Drawing ends March 27th @ midnight.

Winner will be announced March 28th.

Happy Crocheting!

 *Disclaimer* – This book was provided to me for a review, but all opinions are strictly my own.
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