Holiday Decor Crochet Pattern Roundup

As Christmas gets closer, and we realize just how many things we still need to crochet, we look for quicker patterns to save us some time. Here is a roundup of some quick holiday decor items that will be sure to put a smile on your guests face this season.


Holiday Decor Roundup - Quick items to crochet to add to your holiday decorations.


Holiday Decor Pattern Roundup


All links below are from left to right, starting in top left corner.

Very Mini Stocking

Snowman Potholder

Christmas Tree Potholder

Santa Hotpad

Tree coaster

Holly Wreath coaster

Mini Christmas Applique

Penguin coaster/applique


Another great idea is the Snappy Tot’s countdown calendar which is fun and has a ton of great designs.



Be sure to check out my Snowflake patterns roundup and also my Christmas tree ornaments roundup for more ideas and patterns.

Whatever you do, make sure you sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends. My personal mission this season is to just be with my family and spend as much time with them as possible, never taking this time with them for granted.

Happy Crocheting!

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National Crochet Month Kickoff

It’s finally here! March is National Crochet Month and there will be tons going on in the crochet community. Blog tours sponsored by Crochetville, giveaways (here and everywhere), and more fun!


National Crochet Month


National Crochet Month - The Crochet Express #NatCroMo


Climb aboard the The Crochet Express. It’s going to be quite a ride!

Things you can expect from this year’s tour.

  • Blog Tour – 3 designers each day/every day
  • Daily Giveaways
  • Discounts
  • Behind the Scenes
  • and more….

And this year I get to be part of the blog tour! My official blog tour date is March 23rd, but I have other things planned including book giveaways, free patterns, interviews, and more. I’m looking forward to a fun month!

For more information on NatCroMo (National Crochet Month) visit Crochetville.

And to kick off the month, today is my birthday, so TODAY ONLY I’m offering 44% off your entire order (I’m turning 44). Head to my Ravelry shop and use code BIRTHDAY at checkout.

All Aboard!

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The “Choose Your Own Adventure” Crochet Project

We all want our finished crochet project to look as gorgeous as the pictures we see online or in a magazine. But what did it take for that project to look that good? With Pinterest, and so many other social media outlets portraying the “perfect” project, it’s making it harder and harder to know the reality of something. All we see is perfection, but what did it take to get it perfect? I thought I would add a little humor to the reality that we don’t see.


The "Choose Your Own Adventure" Crochet Project





5 Realistic Stages to a Crochet Project


    1. Search the internet for hours and hours….and hours. Sometimes it feels like hundreds of hours to find that perfect pattern! Once you find that perfect pattern, you….
    2. Head to the craft store to find the perfect yarn. Yes, you could order it online, but you wouldn’t be able to see it, touch it, and yes, sometimes I even smell all the pretty yarns. Once home with your new yarn you….
    3. Search endlessly for the hook you need. It’s missing again?? Trust me, you’re not alone. It’s time for your first set of choices….
      a) Search endlessly…
      b) Head back to the craft store for another one…
      c) Both
      Don’t worry. Most of us chose “c also. Once home with your new hook(s) you….
    4. Begin your project on that new project high. We all start out a brand new project excited. But how long that excitement lasts is dependent on a few things. How small/large is the project? Are you able to follow the pattern? Are you beyond your skill level? Etc, etc…. Which always leads to the next step. (This is where the real “fun” begins.
    5. There are usually three choices here….
      a) Finish your project with no glitches or problems! Yay! You did it. You have this gorgeous project to show off to your friends and family, or wear, or sell.  You now get to start the process all over again with your next project.
      b) Run into some snags, frog it and begin again. Many of us know this step all too well. We miss a stitch, add one too many, or just can’t figure out what went wrong. Time to rip it, rip it. I am not a fan of frogging projects, but sometimes it just needs to be done. If this is where you end up you go back to step 4 and repeat.
      c) Leave the project in a bag as a UFO. This ending is usually based on how frustrated you are paired along with how much you’re determined to finish. If you’re not loving the project you’ll end up here. And if you’re totally frustrated and throwing your hands up in the air (or your hook across the room) you’ll end up here also. I used to do this a lot more than I do now. I’m getting better at knowing which kinds of patterns and projects will get me to this ending, and I try to avoid them. If this is where you end up, you get to go back to step 1 and begin again.

So many pattern choices. So many outcomes. But one thing is for certain, we’re willing to do it over and over again.

So, be honest, how many UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) do you have in your closet?

Happy Crocheting!

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The One Question You Shouldn’t Ask a Crocheter

What are you knitting? The one question you shouldn't ask a crocheter


Crocheting vs Knitting . . . . Knitting vs Crocheting. It feels like an age old argument. One that seems like it will never be solved. And why does it have to be like this? Why do knitters not include crocheters? And why do crocheters get so offended by knitters? Please note: These are generalized statements and they do not include ALL knitters and/or crocheters.

In the past couple years I have heard so many crocheters complain and vent when someone asks them:

“What are you knitting?”

The two most common things I have hear are: “Someone actually asked me what I was knitting!” OR “Can’t they see I have a hook and not needles.” Please stop getting offended! Here are 3 reasons people say things like that.

1) They obviously don’t know the difference – This is not to put down those who are saying those things. And it’s certainly not said to irritate you. They just honestly don’t know the difference! Maybe their grandmother used to knit and they recognized it as a yarn craft, not a “crochet vs knit” thing. Here’s an idea… Use it as a way to teach them the difference! You will feel better and they just may walk away having learned something new.

2) They may actually be interested in your project – While they may not know the difference, or maybe they genuinely didn’t think about it, maybe they’re using it as a way to get you to talk about what you’re doing. If you get offended or snap a response you will turn them away, not make them more interested. Be kind!

3) Maybe, just maybe, they don’t care that it’s crocheted – Maybe they want to know if you sell items, or if you know where they can buy something handmade. Or maybe they just love handmade arts and don’t necessarily care what specifically you’re doing. Or just maybe they want to open up a conversation with you.

Trust me! I am a crocheter who does not know how to knit. I can get offended, or I can choose to react kindly, and maybe convert another person to love the yarn industry as much as I do. We should all be working together to pass on our love for the handmade arts. Not competing or being offended by something that is not meant to offend.

So, here’s what we should be doing. Try to enlighten and teach someone about crochet (or knitting) and how much you love it. You may just be surprised.

Happy Crocheting!

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Black Friday for the Crocheter

Black Friday is in 2 days. While the stores will be full of deals, there are many of us who still prefer to give (and receive) something handmade. I’ve been asking around, and doing some research, and hunted for some great deals for crocheters….and some for knitters too!

crafters black friday

I found patterns, finished items, and yarn sales! Oh, and don’t forget stocking stuffers for the yarn lover!


Jocelyn Designs etsy shop – 50% off Black Friday only

Ambassador Crochet Ravelry shop – 60% off from midnight to 4am, BOGO from 4 – 8 am, 40% off remainder of Black Friday.

Crochet Jewelry Ebook by Shelby Allaho of Stitch-Story – These gorgeous jewelry designs would work up fairly quickly and would make an elegant, unique gift. $9.99 for the ebook.



Oz Dust Designs sells knit and crochet patterns. Her shop is 15% off – no coupon code needed.



Karen Whooley Knitwear – Sample Sale – ready made items on sale.



Interweave Store – 50% off sitewide



Craftsy – huge savings, but no set amount.

Joann’s – 50% off all baby yarns.

A.C. Moore – 40% off your entire purchase (5am – 12pm) – coupon needed (you can print it off their website)



Jamberry Nails (Kristin Omdahl)  – Jamberry Nails even has wraps that looks knit!

Stitch markers that look like little balls of yarn would make great stocking stuffers.



Ambassador Crochet etsy shop – 40% off Cyber Monday only

Jocelyn Sass Designs Ravelry shop – 50% off Cyber Monday only.

Creative Creations by Vicki – 40% off in her Ravelry shop.


If you know of any other sales, please let me know and I’ll add them.

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Last Day to Nominate Your Crochet Favorites

The Flamies are back! I have heard that I have been nominated for Best Tech Editor and Friendliest Designer. I am so humbled by both those nominations and would love to see my name on the ballot! Only the top 10 Nominees in each category will be on the ballot, so if you feel led, and agree with these nominations, I would love to have you nominate me also!

flamies crochet awards

Today is the last day to nominate your favorites. Anyone can nominate their favorites because these awards are picked by the crochet community because they are FOR the crochet community.
It’s super easy to nominate someone, and it takes less than five minutes! Here’s how:
Go to
Click on the “Vote Here”
You can access the nomination form by putting in your email (It’s to prevent spam on the website)
Feel free to share who you nominated, and pass along the link for others to put in their nominations by hitting your favorite social media buttons.

Thank you so much for your support!



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