Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial

The linked double crochet is a double crochet stitch that links to the previous double crochet. The result is a more closed appearance than the regular double crochet gives.

Here are the 6 easy steps to making the linked double crochet (ldc) and an example of the perfect pattern to use it on.

Linked Double Crochet (LDC) Tutorial 


Step 1:  Insert hook in horizontal bar of previous double crochet. (this can be a regular double crochet or a linked double crochet)


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 1



Step 2:  Yarn over (yo) and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook).


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 2


Step 3:  Insert hook in the next stitch of your previous row (the row you should be working stitches into).


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 3


Step 4:  Yo and pull up a loop. (Note: This photo doesn’t show, but you should be pulling up your loop to the height of your current stitch.)


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) tutorial - Step 4


Step 5:  Yo and pull through 2 loops on hook. (2 loops remain)


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 5


Step 6:  Yo and pull through remaining 2 loops on hook. The Linked Double Crochet (LDC) is now complete.


Linked Double Crochet (LDC) - Step 6



Linked Double Crochet (LDC) tutorial by Ambassador Crochet.


Projects it’s good for


The finished product is a fully closed set of stitches that will resemble a solid fabric without the bulk of tight stitches.

This stitch is perfect if you’re looking for something that drapes more like a fabric – instead of the usual lacy (or holey as my hubby says) project. I used this in my American Flag afghan because I wanted it to have the look of a solid fabric, and I succeeded! (Pattern will be released Friday, April 28, 2017)

American Flag afghan crochet pattern using LDC. - crochet pattern and tutorial by Ambassador Crochet.



Happy Crocheting!

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