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Tunisian Simple Stitch – TSS

Here is a photo tutorial to work the tunisian simple stitch (TSS).  Here are a few other names it is also known by. TSS – tunisian simple stitch afghan simple stitch tunisian basic stitch Chain any number of desired stitches 1)  crochet in back ridge of beginning […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 10

The tunisian net stitch is worked between stitches, as opposed to most of the stitches which are worked with the vertical bar.   Section 10 –  Net Stitch (also known as the Tunisian full stitch)   TSS = insert hook between next 2 vertical bars, […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 9

The tunisian berry stitch is made very similar to the regular crocheted berry stitch. You use a regular TSS (section 1) and add some texture. It looks like a lot of rows, but once you get the pattern going it doesn’t take long.   Section […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 8

By changing the order in which you add the vertical bars to your hook you can create different looks and textures. Let’s try a slanted pattern. (I once saw this called the “Fabric Pattern” but not sure if that’s what it’s officially called.)   Section […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 7

We had a few people interested in starting the CAL last week. Yay! I know, for myself, if a project is too far under way, I won’t jump on board, so I decided to give them a few days to catch up. Today let’s try […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 6

It’s been an interesting couple of days around my house. I have the world’s happiest most miserable teether…. And my 4 year old was trying to get the eraser off her pencil, and using force only a 4 year old can muster, pulled so hard that […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 5

Today let’s work the Tunisian Double Stitch (TDS).  Very similar to a dc, in the aspect that you yo first to make the stitch taller than a regular TSS. Section 5 – TDS Row 52:  ch1, skip 1st vertical bar, * yo (see fig.1), insert hook behind […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 4

By combining 2 of these stitches, we can create a basketweave pattern.  We’ll use the TKS & the TPS, which were our second and third sections. Section 4 – Basket Weave Row 37:  skip 1st vertical bar, TKS (section 3) in next 3 sts, * TPS […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 3

The third stitch in our CAL is called the tunisian knit stitch (TKS), which looks very similar to the stockinette stitch of knitting. Section 3 – TKS Row 28:  skip 1st vertical bar, * you will be working between front and back of vertical posts […]

Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 2

The second stitch in our CAL is called the tunisian purl stitch (TPS), but it is also known as the purl stitch. If you compare it to the knit purl stitch they look very similar (which is probably why the name :)). Section 2 – TPS Row 13:  […]