Double Crochet variation


Double Crochet between stitches
This is really just a variation of a double crochet, but it gives your project a whole new look.  Instead of doing your typical double crochet in the next stitch you would do your double crochet between two of the stitches in the previous row. Here are a couple pictures to help, especially if you are a visual person, like me:)
I used bulky yarn and a large hook so you could see detail.
Can’t wait to show you the finished product….it’s almost complete.
Happy Crocheting!

6 thoughts on “Double Crochet variation”

  • I’m curious what you did after your foundation chain – did you sc another row? Or did you start this pattern out by dc?

  • Dear Kristine: I was curious to know how one starts this stitch. A row of sc and then the next row is dc skipping every other stitch? Please confirm this for me; thank you in advance!

  • Hello! I am currently making your pattern on a throw blanket with mandala yarn, I am confused at the ends… How do you make them strait, i kinda have a wave going on. lol Please help , thank you :) and have a great day.

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