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>I recently had a conversation with a new friend who said she only crochets one project at a time and she doesn’t buy any ‘extra’ yarn that she doesn’t need. WOW! I’m not even close to being that disciplined!

Am I the only one who cannot stick to one project at a time?  Maybe its because I tend to get bored if something takes too long. Or maybe it isn’t challenging enough. I’m not sure.  Whatever the reason, I stash the project away for a later date.  I can’t bear to rip it out after all the hours that were invested into it.  I read somewhere that the average crocheter has at least 5 projects going at once.  Not sure if its true, but it made me feel normal. Now, whenever I finish one my husband tells me I don’t have enough and I need to start another one. I’m glad he can laugh about my addiction. :)
Take my poll (on the right hand side bar) and let me know how many unfinished projects you have going at one time. It doesn’t have to be crochet, just whatever kind of craft you love.

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