>Irresistable Yarn

>I just bough more yarn!  This does NOT help me in my Yarn Challenge for the year! CLICK HERE to read more about my original challenge to myself.  Here’s what happened. . . . .

I got these 2 great ideas for afghans.  I knew exactly what kind of yarn – colors and all – that I wanted to use for these afghans.  Here’s where the problem came in…..I didn’t have that kind of yarn.  I should have resisted the urge.  I should have told myself to finish the 1/2 dozen projects that are still sitting in my project bag(s).  I should have tried harder to focus on what I’m already doing.  Instead, I brought all my 40% off coupons and went store hopping to save as much as I could.  The damage wasn’t too bad.  $25 for 11 balls of yarn.  Hopefully that’s enough to finish them. 
So I sit here and wonder.  How do you not get sidetracked?  How do you stay focused on the project at hand?  Any help would be great.  Not totally discouraged about my yarn challenge because I know I’m doing better than last year.  Just hoping I can finish out the year and DeStash just a little bit more.  If you’re trying to destash too, check out Crafting with Cat Hair. She’s doing a DeStash-Along

Again, any help on staying focused would be great :)

Happy Crocheting!

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