>Welcome to my new home!  For those that are my “followers” (or friends, as I call them), my new blog address is http://ambassadorcrochet.blogspot.com/.  For those that just bookmark their sites, I also have a website address (yes, my very first. I’m SO excited). You can look me up at https://ambassadorcrochet.com/.  Either one will get you here.  Please don’t mind the mess over the next few weeks, as I rearrange and make this look more like my new home.  I’m super excited and have a few new free patterns I’ll be posting in the next week.

For those that don’t know why I moved here –
I did an internet search on “creative crochet” and well, I couldn’t believe how many there were.  I wanted to be original, be different.  So, after many years of being “Creative Crochet”, I have officially changed.  

This will be my new home.  I have moved all my old posts, free patterns, stitch of the week, etc. here, so you won’t miss anything.  I will continue to post on both for a while because I’m hoping most of you will join me.

Maybe there will even be a giveaway :)


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