>Basketball Tam Crochet Pattern

>I love to surprise people at Christmas.  It’s my goal every year :).  I don’t like to buy just because someone is on my list.  Back in Feb. I made a basketball afghan for my new nephew. (Click here to see pic).  When my brother saw it, he told me he wanted to wrap it around his dreadlocks and use it as a tam.  (For those that are not good at gift giving, these are the comments I use later in the year).  That was all I needed, was that little comment, and the planning began (in my head).  I cut it close – he received his package Christmas Eve – but I couldn’t help myself.  As soon as I saw the finished product I was super excited.  I know it’s not the gift for everyone, but if you knew my brother, you’d know basketball is his “thing”.  Anyway, I got this crazy idea to make a matching one for my nephew (yes, it was Dec.22!!! – AND we live on opposite ends of the country).  Here’s how they turned out.  The pattern will be available in my etsy shop in the next couple of weeks.

My daughter was nice enough to model it for just a few pics :).

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