>W.I.P. Wednesday

>Ok, I had actually, for a day or two, contemplated not doing W.I.P. Wednesdays for a while.  That only lasted until I talked to my mother last night.  You see, I’m pretty sure my mother is my biggest fan.  She shows everyone pictures of my work and hands out my business cards. She does a much better job of promoting my work than I ever could.  So last night when I talked to her, she said there was a woman where she works that was disappointed I didn’t do this yesterday. So I’ve decided there must be some who enjoy seeing our work, even if they don’t tell us. So, yes it’s Thursday, but lets share our progress for the week.

I love “Wordless Wednesday” but have found that I’m always in the middle of something. Hence, Work In Progress Wednesday.

Here’s how it works:

Show off what you’re making. Post a photo of a project you’re in the middle of….as much or as little of it as you want. Crochet, knit, sewing, quilting, you name it. Add the link to your project (using the Mr.Linky tool). Feel free to copy & paste my “WIP” button to add to your entry or blog. It’s a fun way to let us know what you’re up to. I hope you’ll join in.

5 thoughts on “>W.I.P. Wednesday”

  • >I like WIP Wednesday – whilst I haven't yet participated that's just because I'm packing up for a move back to Europe at the end of February … although I did buy some yarn yesterday and may start something for me this weekend. So, if I get my act in gear I'll have some WIP to show you next week!

  • >Hi Kristine -I'm glad you decided to keep going with this Wednesday meme! Your mom told me about your blog on Monday -your work is lovely. I've enjoyed my visit here – hope you'll keep Work in Progress Wednesday around for a while!

  • >Thank you ladies for the feedback. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reaing these posts, or checking out our work.And Grandmother Wren, if you were the one that spoke to my mom, I thank you too. If you hadn't said something to my mom I wouldn't have decided to keep it going.

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