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>I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started this blog.  I just wanted to say thank you.  Last year was hard for me.  A couple of my close friendships came to an end and I was more than devastated.  I felt to start this blog and my personal blog (Our Front Porch Swing) as a way to take my mind off of it and make new “friends”. 

All that was to say this.  I’ve always known crocheters (and most crafters) are generous and friendly.  But, I had no idea that I would build some friendships that feel like they’ve been there for years.  I feel like I know some of you personally and for that I just wanted to say “Thank You!”

I can’t wait to continue to build on these friendships and I’m looking forward to the year to come!


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  • >Sometimes friendships over the web are closer than those in our own backyard. Congrats on your year blogoversary!!! And you are right, crocheters are the friendliest (and the best too). :)

  • >Relationships and friendships change over the course of time for various reasons. Changing interests, moving away, etc…no matter what the reason it can be very painful. But sometimes we have to let go of the old to be able to better embrace the new! I learned this for myself when I left CT in 05. It was very painful leaving old friendships behind and those relationships changed due to distance but I am now thankful for the change because I have met the most wonderful people and have many great friendships! Interestingly enough…I have spent more time talking with some people from CT than I did when I lived there because of the web! ;^)

  • >Well put. There certainly is something about those who crochet, knit, craft … kind hearted people. Isn't it wonderful? Have a lovely weekend.

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