>My Yarn Diet

>My goal for 2011 was to use up as much of my yarn stash as possible . . . without adding to it.  I told my hubby its my yarn diet.  Let’s just say it hasn’t been going very well. 

I started out great by organizing my stash by weight and color (you can see the post here) but then my LYS decided they were closing there doors.  So naturally I just had to go and see what I could get for 75% off.  I got quite a bit of yarn, at a great price, and told myself that was it for the year.  But it didn’t quite work that way.  You see, I’m trying to catch up on some orders, and I had 1/2 dozen orders for black hats.  Well, I wasn’t going to have enough black yarn to finish, so I had to go get some more.  I vowed not to look at anything else and focus!  But when I walked by this the tag stuck out at me.  You see, I’m a bargain shopper, and I can’t pass up a deal . . . . especially one like this.

I don’t use red yarn too much, but for this price, I’ll find a use! LOL
I couldn’t believe it, first because it “was” .32 cents, as if that wasn’t a very good deal.  So, I paid .08 cents for a 5 oz. ball of yarn~!!!  How could I resist??? Even if the skein was imperfect (which by the way it wasn’t) who cares?!?!  I’d love to find another bargain as good as this one :). But for now I’m back to my yarn diet – NO MORE YARN!!!
Happy Crocheting!

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