>Where Are They Now?

>Today’s topic is, Whatever happened to your __________?


So many unfinished projects, I hate to even think about it.  I put them in my closet, project bag and all.  I don’t usually rip them out and reuse the yarn.  I just can’t bring myself to rip it out after all that work.  Can you say waist?

On a positive note, I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past year as to why I don’t finish projects, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.  

  • If its not challenging, I won’t finish it. (I love a good challenge!)
  • If it takes too long, I won’t finish it.
  • If I miss my deadline (b-day, shower, etc), instead of finishing it, I give up on it.
  • If all of a sudden, for whatever reason, I don’t think the recipient, or buyer, will like it, I give up on it.

So, I’m afraid to go in my walk-in closet to take a pic for you.  I’m might feel guilty and actually pull something out and try to finish it.

Happy Crocheting!


8 thoughts on “>Where Are They Now?”

  • >I can't understand that!! Sometimes I put a project away because I'm not getting on well with it, but it weighs on my mind! I can't abide (or afford) waste, so I will always re-visit that project and try to make a go of it – if not for the original recipient, then for another friend or maybe to sell. I think I've only ever totally given up on 2 projects where things went so wrong and I couldn't save them. And some of the things I've made and not liked have sold really well!!Maybe you should challenge yourself to tackle those works in progress lurking in your closet!!

  • >I don't think it's as bad as I may have made it sound. Maybe 4-6 projects?!?! If I know in the very beginning I'm not going to like it then, yes, I reuse the yarn. It's only the ones I'm more than 1/2 done on that have been abandoned. I hate to rip out all those hours of work when someday I may want to finish it.

  • >I probably have the same amount of unfinished projects in my big "working on" basket. But honestly, I don't worry myself about it. As a crocheter, it's my art. If I am not feeling it, I abandon it. I move onto the next thing. Artists of all sorts have their stuff that just didn't work out. And, as a graphic designer, I have many "rough drafts". I may or may not someday pull out an old project, but only for the yarn. If I abandoneded it then, I am fairly certain I will not ever finish it. LOL

  • >Wow I could copy this as my own post! The reasons you posted I deal with too. And I want so bad to finish my projects! My knitted hat was just so boring. :)Have a great day

  • >I've only been crocheting for a few months, but I can certainly see myself doing the same thing. I start working on projects, and if I don't find them challenging, I usually put them down and move on to something else. Eventually, I go back (if for only an hour at a time)and either finish, or rip out the stitches.

  • >I always have lots of stuff in progress, or not-so-progress. I figure–there's no crafting police. Nobody's going to give me a ticket for having too many WIPs! If I feel like getting something half done and then shoving it in the closet for two years, then by golly that's what I'm going to do! At this very moment I have 4 nearly identical earflap hats mostly done. And they're not the project(s) I'm actively working on! My life is already full of things I HAVE to do, why would I saddle myself with more as a hobby?

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