>Celebrity Crochet – What Do You Think of It?

>Ok, I can’t resist this topic any longer.  What do you think when you see celebrities wearing crochet items like this?  Most of the time (not all) I think, “Anyone that really crochets would never wear something like that!”  Seriously though, what do you think?  Do you think it looks like it’s on backwards?  Or, do you like it?  I would never be caught dead in something like this, but maybe it’s just me.

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5 thoughts on “>Celebrity Crochet – What Do You Think of It?”

  • >I'm a fan of this piece personally. I don't know that I'd wear it since it's not quite the right shape for my body. And I certainly wouldn't pay a designer price for clothing of any kind! But I do love checking out designer crochet and crochet on the runways for the creativity of it. And I think crochet on celebrities often brings some unique crochet designs into the limelight, which I consider to be a good thing. This dress sure took a lot of flak compared to most of them though!

  • >I'm not crazy about the front of the dress. I'd have liked it were it more in line with the back — or didn't that the teardrop opening in the front. I think that's weird. Anyway, I agree that garments of this type show off knitting and crocheting. Do you think it was machine or handmade?

  • >If I had her figure then I would wear that dress. Otherwise with a different front I would. I saw some crochet tops in store windows when visiting Oaxaca, Mexico recently. My friend asked if I could make them. :) I wish I had time.

  • >I too, would not be caught dead in it…for all the obvious reasons…but I do not go for the overly revealing dresses…crocheted or not. Look at the guys face in front of her…he can't believe it either! what is she saying? There are many more classy ways to show off a great figure than to wear a see through crochet item that leaves nothing to the imagination!!

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