>At The End of My Rope

>I’m at the end of my rope!  Literally, . . . . and figuratively!  This ALWAYS happens to me!!!  By always I mean about 8 times out of 10.  That’s not very good odds.  This is why my stash will never go down!!!  Hubby always just rolls his eyes when I show him, because he doesn’t know why I’m always so surprised.  After all, I should be used to it. 

So, off I go to the yarn store, to buy a whole skein for about 10 stitches. (there was one time I had 2 stitches left I couldn’t finish, so I guess this time isn’t so bad).  Hopefully I can get in and out of there with only ONE skein.  This should be interesting…..

Hopefull tomorrow I’ll have the square done to show you.

Happy Crocheting!

8 thoughts on “>At The End of My Rope”

  • >This happens to me as well…I think it is because I think my creative money is so scarce that I do not want to waste any…I buy just what I think I need. I am trying to train myself into buying one more skein than I think I need. The leftovers? Well, they will make a great ripple blanket for winter. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. ~Kelly

  • >Bad luck!! I did once knit something and got the yardage completely wrong and ended up going back to the store twice for extra yarn. Since then I've always bought way more than I need – also not good (and don't tell my husband please!!) and is the reason for a bag full of odds and ends of yarn.

  • >That is such a bummer! I can't believe one time you only had two stitches left. I think it happens to all of us. I one time ran out in the middle of a project and found out they didn't make the yarn anymore!Cant wait to see the square :)

  • >I have had both happen..too much, too little. I know I will always use it somewhere..so now I Buy 1 skein more than it says I need. With doing hats and blankets this works out well!!

  • >Glad to know I'm not alone. Some of these are projects I actually buy the yarn for, but more than half are from yarn I already have in my stash, which is why this isn't helping me destash, because I have to put the one I buy to complete it back in my stash.

  • >that's funny…or not….I really hate it when I'm just that much short of finishing something. I am that way on one of the hotpads and hoping I might find that matching yarn in my stash as I keep crocheting more of the hot pads.

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