>Spring Cleaning Surprises

>I’ve been in the mood to destash lately.  Major destashing!  We have a pretty small house (about 1400 sq.ft).  That may not sound small, but we have 6 children.  We’ve contemplated moving, so we can have one more bedroom for the girls, but there’s just no way I can pack and get this place ‘show ready’ with my one year old (or my 3 year old for that matter).  So I decided the next best thing was to get rid of stuff and make a little more breathing room. 

If you remember at the beginning of the year I organized my stash in hopes of using it up before I bought any more yarn.  Well, I found more yarn that I had missed!  My first reaction was to get soooo excited!  After all, I love yarn :).  But then I had this sinking realization…..I’m never going to be able to use up my stash and buy new yarn.  Not necessarily a bad problem to have, but I was hoping to use up my stash by the end of this year (not next year) so I could go yarn shopping for myself as a gift for completing my task of the year. lol.  I have a long way to go if that’s even going to be a possibility.  Here’s a pic of about 2/3 of what I found.  (I found more after I took the pic)

Happy Crocheting!

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  • >That pile could turn into a wonderful scrappy afghan and leave you with just a little pile of ball bands! That's what I do with my odd leftovers.Good for you for making the best of where you are and what you have!MGM

  • >Do you ever swap your yarn? It seems like a good way to get rid of what you have and treat yourself to something new without actually spending any money or increasing the size of your stash. Of course it won't decrease the size of your stash either but if you got yarn you really wanted to use then it might help decrease it faster!

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