A Sucker For Yarn Sales

>Emails from yarn companies that say, “Increase your stash with our new Yarn Bargain Bin!” do NOT help my yarn diet!!! . . . . Just sayin’.  And I receive these emails almost daily!  Listen, we all know I love yarn but I’m trying to destash. (trying would be the operative word here).  I wish I had money to invest in these gorgeous shelves.  Maybe if I could see, look, and touch the yarn I do have on a daily basis, I wouldn’t be so quick to fall for these sales.

click on pic to see source (b-town blog) 

But alas, I have to make do with my storage bins in the basement.  I was at least able to buy clear so I can see through them, but to have them easily accessible would be so much nicer. (we have a really small house, so I can’t keep them upstairs, unless one of my children volunteers to sleep in the basement, lol)

 Now, if I would just stop opening these emails I might get somewhere :).
 Happy Crocheting!

6 thoughts on “A Sucker For Yarn Sales”

  • >I wish I could. We have a woodstove in the basement, that we heat with during the winter, and just burning the wood leaves a nasty dust on everything that's not covered.

  • >I am right there with you… I was trying so hard to buy any new yarn. But I have failed….. We have a small house too. So I know how it is with yarn storage. Not much space. We are hoping to turn the carport into a real garage so maybe then I can put some things out there and turn my current laundry room in an area to store some yarn :)

  • >I am a sucker for yarn and thread sales too..and if there is a pattern book I don't have..forget about it..I have more thread than most stores..LOL and patterns too..

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