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>Shannon from Ruby Lee and Me has given me the “Kreativ Blogger Award”.  Yay!  Thank you so much Shannon.  You also made me realize that a while back I received another blogger award that I never posted about.

Fiona from Handmade by Fiona gave me my first blog award, the “Stylish Blogger Award”, since I had changed over to this site. Thank you Fiona – and I apologize for letting this sit in my draft folder for the past 6 months!!!

With both of these awards I am to tell you 7 things about myself.  So here goes…..

  • I have 6 children. 1 boy & 5 girls. They range in age from 18 years down to 15 months.
  • My oldest is a senior at a technical high school, I homeschool the 3 middle children, and my youngest 2 are too young for school . . . . at the moment.
  • Two of my daughters have albinism, which brings with it low vision and/or being legally blind.  
  • I majored in accounting in college, which could explain my love of numbers and figuring out pattern sizing, etc. 
  • My husband is my best friend, and my favorite thing to do is be with my family.  I’m a homebody and don’t ever feel the need to ‘get out’ for a break from my life/children.
  • I really don’t consider myself crafty.  I know it sounds funny, but other than crochet and photography I don’t really have any other hobbies.
  • I’ve been known to crochet in my sleep.  Seriously, ask my husband!  He watches me, shakes his head, and laughs.    
The next part of this award is to pay it forward, and pass these awards on to 7 bloggers that I like.

Kreativ Blogger Awards

Here are my 7 for the Kreativ Bogger Award.

One Yarn After Another – Bev is great!  She’s always showing her wonderful creations, she’s funny, encouraging, and more. I encourage you to stop by and visit her. 

Crochet Every Day – Megan listed a new crochet pattern every day for a year, is working on completing every single one of them, plus has sewing, recipes, and more.

Calleighs Clips & Crochet Creations – head over and check out her awesome new cuddle capes.  I’m you love crochet patterns you won’t want to miss these!

Cheri Quite Contrary – Cheri always has something creative to show us including (but not limited to) crochet and recipes.

Crafting With Cat Hair – Missie was one of my first blogging friends, who happens to be creative :)

Linda Crochets – all I can say is, you will be amazed!

The Accidental Artist – Dawn has a passion for creativity.  I’m pretty sure her first love is jewelry design, but she also does sewing, photography, and more.

Stylish Blogger Awards
Master of a Thousand Things – Tink is doing a 30 blogging challenge.  Good for her>  I’m not sure I could hold up! lol

Crocheting the Day Away – I couldn’t decide whether to give Mary the Kreativ Blogger Award or the Stylish Blogger award.  She’s super creative, but I chose the later because her posts are well written and her pics are always fabulous, clean, and just plain awesome! 

Tutus and Teaparties – the name says it all.  With 5 girls of my own….tutus and teaparties are a must.

Butternut Street – quilting and crocheting. What more do you need?

The Green Girl – if you knit, you need to check out The Green Girl.

Munchkins N More – Denise is new to blogging and could use some love :).

Crocheting In Georgia – Doris, Gizzy (her adorable dog), and honey bees.  She will quickly become a friend.

Crochet Galore – encouragement, faith, and crochet….all in one blog.

Well, this took a lot longer than expected. lol
Once again, I want to thank Fiona & Shannon for giving me these awards!

Happy Crocheting!

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  • >Congrats on the fun awards! I enjoy reading fun facts about you. I want so bad to learn to write my own pattern but I don't really know where to start. Either way I love your blog and I love your work!And a big thank you for passing the Stylish Blogger Award to me! What you said is so sweet. Again thank you :)Blessings,Mary

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