The “Other” Side of Crocheting

First, let me say that hubby loves to make me laugh.  He loves to tease me, but I know it’s all in fun.  So yesterday, I was trying to explain tunisian crochet to him.  I explained that all the stitches go on the hook and then you pull them off one at a time.  He looked at me weird (I could tell he was in the mood to tease me), so I tried to get serious with him, to help him see how tunisian could be a good thing (like he really cared – lol)……bad move.  He was already seeing this as an easy target for teasing me.   I again tried by explaining to him that it gives it a different drape, more like knitting.  That was all it took.  He said basically tunisian is for all of us crocheters who refuse to learn to knit and go over to the “other” side… which I just busted out laughing.   At least after all these years he still knows how to make me laugh.

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Happy Crocheting!

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