Busy Summer

It’s going to be a crazy week for me but I didn’t want to forget about my blog.  One of my daughters got a bunny a couple of weeks ago…..

 Isn’t she cute???  But my girls tend to do everything together, and I do mean everything.  They get along 90% of the time, and they’ll tell you they’re best friends.  So……


 We had to get a couple more!  Girls of course :).

Well, I’m off to take my girls to VBS all week, and run my son around getting paperwork ready for his new job. (The state accepted a company’s request to hire him as an apprentice – Yay!)  He did 4 years electrical at a local tech school, so it looks like he’s on his way to getting his electrical license. SO happy for him!

On a crochet note….I’ll be done another new pattern today, and hope to have it tested by the weekend, two more patterns are just about ready to sell, and tomorrow is Wednesday.  Take some pics so you can post what you’ve been working on!

I leave you with this…..


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  • Those hats are superclever! I love the bunny too, I used to have two when I was a child so I', partial o f them. I had a white one and a black one, my sis had a brown one and a gray one. It's great that your son is going to be an electrician, he will always have work.

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