How To Make A Crochet Slip Knot


To begin crocheting, here is how you can create a slip knot.  By making a slip knot on the hook, about 6 inches from the free end of the yarn, you will have a starting loop in which you can begin your project.  Follow the instructions and figures below.


1)  Loop yarn to form a circle.



2)  Insert your crochet hook through center of loop and grab/hook the free end of the yarn.



3)  Pull this through the loop, leaving it wrapped around the hook. You may need to hold your yarn in place so it doesn’t pull through a gigantic loop.



4)  To tighten the actual knot you can pull from the skein end.  To tighten, or loosen, your loop (slip knot) you can pull from the free end.   


You will want it to be firm around the hook, but loose enough that it will slide back and forth easily.

You should still have about a 6-inch yarn end to tie in when your project is finished.


Happy Crocheting!

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