Snowflake Beanie Pattern Adjustment & Help


There were questions about the larger sizes of my Snowflake Beanie, so I went back to the drawing board to try to figure out where the problem was.   Almost all my testers, that used the Red Heart Shimmer yarn, confirmed what I was finding.

The first thing is that the gauge in the first few rows is 4dc = 1 inch.  But if you continue, after your increase rows your gauge will be 3.5 dc = 1 inch.  If your gauge in the increase rounds is 3.5 then your hat will most likely be too big. (this was what happened with my pattern testers).

This yarn is also super stretchy and a little thinner than regular worsted, so I’d be interested in anyone’s findings who has made this with regular ww yarn.  If you have questions beyond this about the sizing I am more than happy to try to help you out. If you purchased this pattern before today (10/25/2011) please either email me the receipt or your copy of the pattern as proof of purchase, and I will send you the updated version.  If you purchased the pattern on ravelry the corrections should have been sent to you.  Any other questions please ask.  I’m more than happy to try to help.


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