12 Days of Crochet Pattern Giveaways – Day 10

The winner of Day 8 of pattern giveaway is Chelsea.  Congrats. I’ll be sending you the pattern.

Today is Day 10 of my “12 Days of Pattern Giveaways” and I’m giving away another brand new pattern, which will be released later today (providing I can get some good pics. otherwise it might be tomorrow).  Meet “Fountain the Red-Eyed Tree Frog”.  This tree frog was invented for my 3 year old daughter who LOVES frogs.  Why the name Fountain?…who knows, she’s 3. LOL – Last summer she caught a tree frog and named it Fountain. Now all frogs get the name fountain. :) She wanted a red-eyed tree frog hat, so I set out to do my research.  Did you know God gave this little tiny creature almost every color of the rainbow?  It it bright green and has bright red eyes, orange feet, and bright blue and yellow stripes down its sides.  This is what I came up with.

I gave it a bright green body, bright red eyes, blue and yellow “stripes” down the sides, and little orange suction cup feet. What do you think?

We live in the country and you can hear the peepers (tree frogs) all summer long.  Last summer she caught her first one and named it Fountain.  She finally let it go (with much coaxing) but to our surprise it came back the next day.  It literally sat in our driveway calling her.  She went running outside and caught it a second time.  When she let it go the second day it still didn’t want to leave and decided to use our house as its “tree”.  (see it’s little suction cup feet)  Her love of frogs multiplied with that experience and  by Christmas she will have a hat and a pet “grow a frog”….shhh, it’s a surprise!

If you’d like to enter just leave me a comment.  I do ask that you be a follower of my blog, but there are no other requirements to enter.  Drawing will be held tomorrow morning (12/22/11).  Merry Christmas!

Happy Crocheting!

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