Yarn Diet………FAIL!!!

Ok, I admit it, I’m not really good at diets.  Especially ones that involved giving up something I love. LOL  So, I’m trying not to think of this as starving myself of more beautiful yarn out there, but to use some of the beautiful yarn I already have.  I have 14 buckets of yarn stash (some of you now either love me or hate me), but in my defense, that’s 10+ years of collecting.

So when I got my $30 A.C.Moore Rewards in the mail (basically gift money to their store:) I had to go get more yarn.  It’s not even the middle of January & I’d already caved! But it wasn’t my money, so I guess that made it ok, right?!?!  And to top it off, between sales, coupons, and gift certificates, I got $55.70 of yarn for $4.75!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!

But seriously though, I really want to focus on using my stash up. It’s becoming sort of a challenge that I hope I can see through the whole year.  I’ve decided to weigh every item I make and keep a running list of how many ounces I use.  I’ll also keep a list of how many ounces I buy. Part of my problem last year was that I had to go buy yarn for customers, because I didn’t have what I needed to make the item they requested. So, by keeping track of ounces in, and ounces out, it’s a better judge than to just say I can’t buy yarn anymore.

So, after two weeks my ounces out aren’t nearly as great as my ounces in, but this should be a one time shopping spree.

I’m also going to try putting up more free patterns for those that want to use up their stash.  They’ll be listed under free patterns, but I’ll also have smaller projects listed under my “Stash Busters” button.

Ambassador Crochet

Anyone want to keep tabs on yarn in vs. yarn out ounces with me?  I’m already keeping my list, but it’s not too late to join me.

Happy Crocheting!

6 thoughts on “Yarn Diet………FAIL!!!”

    • A.C.Moore is a craft store. I actually like it better than Michael’s and Joann’s. Still wishing for a Hobby Lobby though.

  • I used to have the same problem because all of my yarn were in big totes. Recently my hubby put all of my yarn on a shelf. He says it was to help me get it organized but I secretly think part of the reason was so I would know what I had and wouldn’t buy anymore…LOL. It DOES help, though, having it on the shelf like that so that I will no longer assume I don’t have a certain color when I really do.

  • I would do this with you but it would take me days to work out how much yarn I actually have — plus then I wouldn’t feel like I need to buy more. ;-) It’s a great idea though and I’ll watch your stash shrink.

    • Bev,
      I’m not calculating how much I start with (that would scare me – LOL)
      Just how much I buy, and how much I use up. :)

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