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Did you know I have a Stitch Guide, for tutorial help with your crochet stitches?  There is a tab at the top, just underneath my logo banner.

That was to say, I’m taking requests.  If there is a stitch you’d like to see a photo tutorial of, just leave me a comment. I do have a list, but I’m going to be working on them over the next month or two.

I have been asked why I don’t do video tutorials.  There are 2 answers.

  1. I have 6 children, 5 of which are age 10 and under.  They are with me 24/7 because I homeschool. So, not much quiet around here ;)
  2. There have been times where I watch a video, only to have to either pause it or ‘rewind’ it, to go back and see it again.  With photos you have a still shot to work with.

Maybe someday, but for now it’s photo tutorials. Here’s one of my most popular.

Spider Stitch

I’d love to hear some suggestions and ideas.

Happy Crocheting!

2 thoughts on “Crochet Stitch Guide”

  • Thanks for posting this because I had no idea! I’ve already been browsing through your wonderful stitch tutorials and found several I want to try (I adore the crochet version of the knit moss stitch)! I totally agree about pictures vs videos, too. I love a good photo tutorial. :)

  • Hello Kristine,
    Like you and Kim I prefer a good photo tutorial. A video is not handy for several reasons and one of them is that I can’t hear what people saying because of my hearing loss. Next to that photos you can look at in you own tempo.

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