Tunisian Sampler Scarf CAL – Part 2

The second stitch in our CAL is called the tunisian purl stitch (TPS), but it is also known as the purl stitch. If you compare it to the knit purl stitch they look very similar (which is probably why the name :)).

Section 2 – TPS

Row 13:  skip 1st vertical bar (directly below loop on hook), * bring yarn in front of work/hook (see Fig.1), working behind yarn insert hook under next vertical bar (see Fig.2), yo (see Fig.3), pull up a loop (see Fig.4), repeat from * across to last bar, insert hook through both loops of last stitch. (20 lps on hk)

To complete row: yo, pull through 1st loop on hook, * yo, pull through 2 loops, repeat from * across until 1 loop remains.

Fig.1 – Drop yarn down below hook

Fig.2 – insert hook into vertical bar

Fig.3 – wrap yarn back behind loops on hook

Fig.4 – yo, pull up a loop (pull through only 1 loop on hook)

Fig.5 – one stitch complete

Row 14 – 27:  Repeat Row 13.

Tunisian Purl Stitch - TPS

I won’t be posting a new stitch tomorrow for two reasons. One, tomorrow is normally my WIP Wednesday and I want to keep that on schedule. I’d love for anyone to add their project so we can see what you’ve accomplished so far! And the second reason is that I want those who don’t have as much time, or are super new to this, to have a chance to get caught up/keep up. I’ll post a new stitch on Thurs. (and I’ll try to have it posted first thing in the morning this time.)

Happy Crocheting!

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