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I actually love when other bloggers take the time to ask if they can use my pics, or feature one of my patterns.  It’s nice to know, so if you ever feature one of my items, or use one of my pics, I’d love to give you credit.  Just let me know about it.  Sue, from  contacted me to let me know she was going to feature my Old Spanish Rose Hat Pattern in one of her posts. (CLICK HERE to see her post)  Stop by to visit her blog. I know she’d love to have you.

Old Spanish Rose Wide Brim Hat Crochet Pattern PDF 067You can click the image to purchase the pattern.

She also, graciously awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award (Thank you, Sue!)….which I have yet to forward to anyone. Hopefully soon….

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Featured”

  • I too have shared your stitches WITH a link to your site in Knitting Parasise.com. Please dont fire me!!! You have inspiredd many :) Here is the link:
    And this is my opening to be sure everyone puts credit where credit is due:
    I see a lot of talk about a stitch a day calendar. Why not start one here today??? If we each add a picture with directions of a different stitch it should be fun!! Lets try not to do a lot of repeats, so be sure the stitch you are adding is not here already I get a lot of them in my emails as I am sure the rest of you do too. I think both knit and crochet should be included, don’t you? Be sure to give reference to where you directions are coming from so any problems can be directed to the original source.
    So, Lets get this party started!!

    • Kim,

      I see referrals from knitting paradise all the time!!! Thank you so much for letting me know you’re the one passing on my site. <3 I truly appreciate it...and I get TONS of people clicking on your links. I just never knew it was you! The stitch a day sounds great. I tried that a few years ago but couldn't keep up with it just myself, so now I add them as I can. I'll be sure to check it out.

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