New Afghan & Crown Pattern

I’m finally ready to release this pattern…I just need to hear back from my pattern testers that it’s a.o.k.  I’m still undecided on a name, so I’m taking a poll. Below are some of the suggestions I’ve had, that I think fit.  Let me know if you like any of these, or if you have a different suggestion. I will be giving away a copy of the pattern to whoever suggested the name I use.

Baby Afghan & Crown Pattern

Baby Princess Crown

Here are some of the suggestions so far:

1)  Baby Puff Clouds

2)  Humble Heart

3)  Hugs & Kisses

4)  Heaven Sent

5)  Cross My Heart

6)  Flower Bud

7)  Cherished

Name will be chosen, and winner announced, on Tuesday (5/22).

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