Wattle Stitch Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Wattle Stitch Afghan Square

Finished Size
– approx. 12″ square


  • 2 oz. worsted weight yarn (I used Bernat Super value)
  • “H” hook

Row 1:  (sc, ch1, dc) in 3rd ch from hook, skip next 2 chs, * (sc, ch1, dc) in next ch, skip next ch, repeat from * to end, sc in last ch, turn.

Row 2:  ch1, sc in 1st sc, * skip next sc & dc, (sc, ch1, dc) in ch1 sp, repeat from * across, skip next sc, sc in top of last sc.

Row 3 – 28:  Repeat Row 2 through row 28, or until piece is square.

Row 29:  sc in each stitch around, with 3sc in each corner stitch.
Fasten off.

For instructions, and a tutorial, on the wattle stitch see this post.

Happy Crocheting!

8 thoughts on “Wattle Stitch Afghan Square Free Crochet Pattern”

  • I love your work keep it up i will be back i am working a a project for my daughters wedding and cant do anything else right now but ill be back love . your sit is great and so is your work
    thank you

  • I’m fairly new to crocheting but was wondering if I want a throw using this would I make squares and sew them together or make the square larger? It seems like it would be very warm and I try to use throws to keep warm in the winter and this just looked like something I would use. Thanks, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca, you could actually do either. You could make a bunch of these squares and sew them together, or you could increase the pattern and make it one large afghan…your choice. If you want to make one large afghan just increase your stitch count in multiples of 2.

  • Hello! I absolutely love this pattern so I was thinking about making a blanket from this pattern, but I’d prefer to keep it to one large blanket rather than a patchwork one, you know? Basically what I was wondering was, are there any proportions that I should keep in mind when chaining? As in does it have to be a multiple of a certain number or something along those lines.

    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Clementine, if you just increase by increments of 2 you should be fine adjusting to any size. Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

  • I love this tight stitch. Could I use this for a potholder? Would that be thick enough or do I have to make 2 and see them together? to make it 8 inch square how many chains do I start it with? Thank you

    • You could use it as a potholder and using 2 would definitely make it thicker (be careful using acrylic yarn for potholders because it could melt). As far as an 8 inch square… you would have to do a swatch based on the yarn and hook size to determine how many starting chains you would need to start with.

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