Are There Really Health Benefits to Crochet?

Have you ever had an experience that has such a profound effect on you that it changes the way your react in similar situations?  I have had 6 wonderful pregnancies.  Unfortunately, I have had 4 terrible childbirth experiences.  What does this have to do with crochet?  I knew you were going to ask!

Because of those traumatic experiences, when it came time to deliver baby #6, I turned to crochet to help me calm my nerves.  I brought a project that I thought would challenge me mentally (I love hard projects).  It turns out I’m not the only one who has turned to their hooks and yarn for relaxation and/or healing.  My story, along with almost 2 dozen other women, are featured in Kathryn Vercillo’s new book, “Crochet Saved My Life.”  It has an official release date of August 1,2012.  If you’re interested in purchasing the book, or know someone who could benefit from these inspiring stories, head over to Kathryn’s blog, Crochet Concupiscence for more details.

5 thoughts on “Are There Really Health Benefits to Crochet?”

  • I am looking forward to her book. I know for me it has helped me deal with some not so fun times. I know of people who crochet while receiving their chemo treatments.

  • Thanks for the referral to the book. I’m looking forward to getting it as I too have used crochet as a way to calm nerves, find a peaceful place when I’ve been treated for cancer and give myself positive affirmations about the work I’ve produced. I call it “crochet wellness”.

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