For the Frog Lover

As a crocheter, or any type of crafter, I’m sure you’re just like me….you put your heart into everything you make.  It’s what we do.  My lastest project was for my 4 year old who is a true frog lover.  She catches them any chance she gets, and then hesitates to let them go back to their family.  She has 2 pet aquatic frogs that she loves, and basically anything frog puts a smile on her face.

Last year I came up with this idea to make her a ‘frog pond’ afghan….complete with lily pads, water lillies, and a crocheted frog.  I had the whole thing designed and crocheted, but never put the pieces on!  I get busy and then spring came so I put it off. (I’m sure you can relate)

Fast-forward to a coupe of weeks ago.  My girls were getting their crafts ready to enter into our local fair when I had an idea.  I work well under pressure, so I decided to enter the afghan in the fair.  it would be just enough time for me to put it together, and then I would also be able to get the pattern into my shop.  The afghan is now together, and the frog will be along shortly (he still needs his legs attached.)  Just thought you might like to see what I’ve been up to this week!


crocheted frog pond, lily pads, water lily

So, what do you think?


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