No Grey???

Do you ever have yarn drama???  I’m talking about the kind where you start to panic because, out of the 1 million skeins of yarn you own, you can’t find the ONE you need?!?!  Yup, that’s me.  All I need is 2 skeins of gray and, out of SIXTEEN BUCKETS, I have NO GRAY!!!

Now, I bet you’re thinking, “just go yarn shopping.”  Yay! That puts a smile on my face. :)  The bad part is that the closest yarn stores are A.C.Moore, and Joann’s, and they are 1/2 hour away :(

With the price of gas we limit our trips into town, so I’ll have to wait a few more days, until we make the trek for dance classes.

Do you ever not have the one color you need?  Why does this happen? lol

Yarnabout 1/2 my yarn stash

Happy Crocheting!

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  • of yes this has happened a number of times to me. I have all my yarns sorted into colour order and try and decide what I want to make in advance and get the colours in advance but then my brain gets going or I get a request and I’ll find i haven’t got what I want.

  • That is annoying. But if I have the color I need, then I only have 2 skeins and I need at least 3 or more. Then whatdo you do. I can relate to having a good size stash, but missing that one shade I need. Grrrrrr…

  • For years I bought yarn a lot faster than I could use it, I now have a huge stash (20+ large totes). I put myself on a “yarn diet” four years ago, and last year I did have to break the diet and buy a skein to complete a project. I feel your frustration:)

  • This just happened to me. I ran out of yellow when I only had about 3 more rows to finish in a dishcloth. I thought I had more but I didn’t. It was two weeks before I could get to the store to buy more. Frustrating…

  • I just recently started crocheting, so I’m relatively new to this and don’t know how to compensate when making patterns with different yarns than what the pattern calls for. I had gotten three quarters of the way through making myself a lovely plus sized circle sweater (we are talking huge undertaking, the completed sweater brushes my calves) and I ran out of yarn. No problem I thought, I’ll just go out and buy some more Red Heart Comfort at WalMart, it is a beautiful purple/gray blend. Well, they didn’t have any more. So each time I would be in the area of a different WalMart I would check out the yarn section, and I couldn’t find any. I looked the colour up on-line and sure enough this particular shade has been discontinued! All that work and now I couldn’t finish it! I ended up making my circle sweater in a solid charcoal colour and frogged the first one. I used the print yarn to make myself a turtleback sweater instead by adding a large solid purple band/collar. Both sweaters were huge sucesses and I have been getting so many compliments on them, so I am happy in the end, but only after several very frustrating weeks!

    • I hear ya! When I go to one of our two HL’s, they are almost not quite an hour away, we live in a big stretched out city, ‘Vegas baby. lol And honestly I don’t mind the drive, I don’t get out as much as I wouild like too, so it’s a nice drive for me.

  • I just bought three skeins of a lovely gray Sensations at JoAnns, hopefully to make a shawl. But I also have three skeins of a beautiful red/orange Malabrigo that I bought while on vacation in an LYS. I found a pattern for a sweater, but to use that yarn I need three more skeins, so I’m on a hunt now to find it. I haven’t built up a big stash for that reason–if I don’t know what I want to make with a yarn, I won’t know how much to buy.

  • Omgosh yes this has happened to me wayyyy toooo many times to count. Just last month I was making an afghan as a surprise for a friend of my daughters going thru some major health issues. Anyways, I went out to the garage where my totes are, sooooo many and yea i love em all. hehe Anyways, I’m working away on the afghan and realize I’m getting close to the end of next to the last one and will of course need way more. I ask my daughter when she’s out and about soon can she pick me up ’bout four more skeins or maybe six, yea or so I thot. I was SOL I mean totally!

    She went to Joann’s, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, oh and even Wal Mart and not one of them have it, so she asked at Joann’s if they were going to be getting anymore in and the lady told her it was discontinued, grrrrr!! I mean why discontinue such a popular color, mixed greens ombre. They have it sort of in other brands but not the ones I needed. I looked online and found it and it says that page is in error, over and over and over, so yep I’m out of luck too!!!

    Hopefully you’ll be able to find yours soon!

  • That happens here too. Or I will find one skein that’s the perfect color, but need two. Of course it’s always in a yarn you can’t get anymore. Somehow the ones you can find are never the exact shade of the “perfect” one. I think it must be one of Murphy’s Laws.

  • I feel your pain…I was working on a poncho and ran out of the yarn..the type is not sold in any of the stores aroung my town and I had to order. It has been 3 weeks, but I should receive it TODAY!! Love all of your yarn stash by the way!!

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