Starting a Crochet Business

Do you think you’re ready to turn your crochet hobby into a business? There are tons of things to consider before making that leap, but when you’re ready here are 5 things to get you started.

Research Business Names – When I first started selling my patterns I went by the name Creative Crochet. It wasn’t until almost a year later that I realized there were TONS of Creative Crochet’s out there, with every twist you could imagine. I realized if someone wanted to find me it wasn’t going to be easy. They would have to sift through all of them, and maybe get side tracked along the way. I consulted with hubby, and believe it or not, he’s the one that came up with Ambassador Crochet. Have your own brand that will make you stand out and define who you are.

Have a stand alone website – I started with blogger, but quickly learned I needed just a little more. I’m still tweaking it as I go, but I’m much better off.

Start small – Don’t try to have a ton of business at once. You’ll get overwhelmed, and that is why many new small businesses don’t work out. Don’t get discouraged you’re small. You’ll grow into your business and it will grow with you too.

Get business cardsVistaprint is the perfect place to start. They offer free, or super cheap prices. You can’t go wrong. Here is one of the cards they offer that is for the crocheter. (click on the business card to order them from Vistaprint)

Crochet Business Cards

Full time or part time? – Decide how much time you are willing to invest? Do you have small children? Another job? A husband? Other commitments? Take all these into account, but decide up front how much of an adventure this is going to be. Then it won’t take over the other parts of your life that are important and a higher priority.

For more tips on what to consider when turning your hobby into a business, check out my guest blog post over at Yarn Obsession. (click here)

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