16 Before ’16

As the end of the year rolls around it’s always a reminder of the things I wanted to accomplish during the year. And if I’m honest, it’s an even bigger reminder of the things that I did not get done that I wanted to, or resolutions that were broken, or changes that didn’t stick. I recently looked back on my 2015 Word of the Year, which is Believe, and I realized something was missing from that list. I should have added, “Believe in myself.” It’s something I’ve always struggled with so I’m going to try to make that part of my focus for the remainder of the year, and beyond.




On top of the typical changes I always want to make (better bookkeeping, keep my house clean, lose 10 lbs) sometimes there are other things. Things that would just be so nice to cross off your list as completed. Those unfinished crochet projects. Patterns I never got around to publishing. Growing my business. I’ve been on a mission to be more focused, and I’m pretty excited about it, so I decided to make a list. I didn’t want the entire list business because I have personal goals I want to get to this year also. So I went for balance. Some of these have been a work in progress and I need to finish them up. Others were on my 2015 list and have been neglected. Here they are. The 16 things I want to finish and/or accomplish before we ring in 2016.




1) Lose 15 lbs. in 2015 – Now here’s the thing. I was SO close. I was only 3 lbs away from my goal. Then I tore my ACL and had knee surgery. I was forced to give up working out for the 2nd half of the year. Before I knew it I had gained almost all of it back. BUT….I’m not giving up. I’m changing my eating, and now that it’s 2 months after surgery I’m at least up and about, even if I’m not working out.

2) Get on a schedule – my life is crazy. I still have 5 children living at home, and I homeschool all 5 of them. They are all heavily involved in dance and we spend 5 days a week at the dance studio. I have my own business. I also have a husband who tolerates our craziness. But I want organization. I want set business hours. I want to know I have a moment set aside for everything that needs to be done. I’ve started the schedule, but now I just need to implement it.

3) Make working out habit again – I miss it. Even once I get the ok from the doctor I know it’s not going to be easy. I need want to make it a priority again. I was so much happier when I was doing that for myself.

4) Finish unpacking – we moved in July. Two weeks later I had surgery. Whatever wasn’t unpacked got left until I was back on my feet again. Now I’m sick of looking at it.

5) Budget – Get on one! Hubby and I have done them verbally and even sometimes we write it down. I want to make it a way of life!

6) Christmas gifts – whether it’s shopping or making, I’m behind. I’m normally done shopping by now and just have the handmade items left. I want to finish with time to spare this year!




7) Double my readership & income – plain and simple I love helping people and I want to get better at it. My goal for 2015 was to double both my readership (over all social media platforms) and my income (which included my pattern sales and tech editing income).

8) Book outline – work on my book outline. (I can’t tell just yet, it’s a secret.)

9) Sell one design to a publisher – My Polaris Wrap was published in the winter 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet. My goal is to sell to one more publisher this year.

10) Create editorial calendar – and stick with it! Planning ahead will make my blog posts much more consistent.

11) Make 2016 business plan/outline – I want to have next year all laid out so it’s easier to stay on track.

12) Evaluate all my 3rd party shops –  and close the ones that aren’t bringing me income.

13) Newsletter – Get my newsletter up and running.

14) Add downloads to my site – I want you to be able to purchase and download my patterns right from this blog/website.

15) Have paperwork ready for taxes – my goal this year was to stay on top of this….FAIL! lol

16) Classes – Get caught up on business classes I’m taking.

What would you like to cross off your to-do list before the end of the year? My hope is that if you have things that you want/need to accomplish that this will motivate you too. My plan of attack is to sit down and re-evaluate all these items on Nov. 1st and Dec 1st. Feel free to hold me accountable. Together, maybe we can finish 16 before ’16.


Happy Crocheting!


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