3 Tips for Teaching Left-Handed Crochet


3 Tips for Teaching Left-handed Crochet


Out of my 6 children, 5 of them are girls. So, naturally I want them all to love crochet as much as me. I taught the oldest 2 girls when they were 7 & 6 years old. At the time my 4th child (3rd daughter) was 5 year old. She wanted to learn also, but because she’s left-handed, had some learning struggles, and was only 5, she had a very hard time. We put it down for a couple years and tried to pick it up again, but she still wasn’t getting it.

I finally did some research and came up with 3 different methods that left-handers have used to learn to crochet. We.tried.them.all….

  • The mirror effect – Have them sit facing you. The concept is to have them do exactly what they see you doing as if looking in a mirror. This will help them be able to visualize without having to reverse everything in their mind. The mirror effect will do that part for them.
  • Teach yourself to crochet left-handed – Teach yourself to crochet left-handed so you can have a better understanding of how to teach it. Yes, it’s a stretch, but I actually tried this to help my daughter. It gave me a new found respect for trying something challenging. It was like learning to crochet all over again! While it did help my daughter a bit, it wasn’t the method she ended up going with.
  • Have them try to crochet right-handed – Have them try to crochet right-handed. While this doesn’t seem like the most logical way, some people find it easier than actually using their left hand. I have 2 daughters that do everything with their primary hand but have one (maybe two) tasks that are easier with the opposite hand. Honestly this was the last technique I tried with my daughter, but it is ultimately what worked best for her.

3 Tips for Teaching Left-handed crocheters by Ambassador Crochet

Because everyone learns differently, you will need to try them to see which will work for you, or whomever you’re teaching. Left-handed crochet can be just as fun and rewarding as doing it right-handed. Whether you are teaching a child, or an adult, just keep trying and see what works best. Here are some additional Tips for Teaching Children to Crochet.

Do you have any other techniques to try that I didn’t mention?

Happy Crocheting!

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