The One Question You Shouldn’t Ask a Crocheter

What are you knitting? The one question you shouldn't ask a crocheter

Crocheting vs Knitting . . . . Knitting vs Crocheting. It feels like an age old argument. One that seems like it will never be solved. And why does it have to be like this? Why do knitters not include crocheters? And why do crocheters get so offended by knitters? Please note: These are generalized statements and they do not include ALL knitters and/or crocheters.

In the past couple years I have heard so many crocheters complain and vent when someone asks them:

What are you knitting?”

The two most common things I have hear are: “Someone actually asked me what I was knitting!” OR “Can’t they see I have a hook and not needles.” Please stop getting offended! Here are 3 reasons people say things like that.

1) They obviously don’t know the difference – This is not to put down those who are saying those things. And it’s certainly not said to irritate you. They just honestly don’t know the difference! Maybe their grandmother used to knit and they recognized it as a yarn craft, not a “crochet vs knit” thing. Here’s an idea… Use it as a way to teach them the difference! You will feel better and they just may walk away having learned something new.

2) They may actually be interested in your project – While they may not know the difference, or maybe they genuinely didn’t think about it, maybe they’re using it as a way to get you to talk about what you’re doing. If you get offended or snap a response you will turn them away, not make them more interested. Be kind!

3) Maybe, just maybe, they don’t care that it’s crocheted – Maybe they want to know if you sell items, or if you know where they can buy something handmade. Or maybe they just love handmade arts and don’t necessarily care what specifically you’re doing. Or just maybe they want to open up a conversation with you.

Trust me! I am a crocheter who does not know how to knit. I can get offended, or I can choose to react kindly, and maybe convert another person to love the yarn industry as much as I do. We should all be working together to pass on our love for the handmade arts. Not competing or being offended by something that is not meant to offend.

So, here’s what we should be doing. Try to enlighten and teach someone about crochet (or knitting) and how much you love it. You may just be surprised.

Happy Crocheting!

7 thoughts on “The One Question You Shouldn’t Ask a Crocheter”

  • I don’t get offended; I just go with number one and try to explain the difference. But honestly I love all the jokes and meme’s about crochet vs knit !!!

  • The shop I frequent has both sitting together in her shop. Everyone is excepted with open arms. Knitters only have learned crochet and a few crocheters have learned to knot. Like the narrator of this article stated she is so right. Be kind to all you may find a friend or two.

  • I’ve actually taken my yarn and hooks into the bar with me once, was sitting there crocheting and was asked what I was making next thing you know I had three people wanting me to crochet something for them!!! So I say seize the opportunity, you just never know what may come out of it. :-)

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